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|name = Abholos

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Abholos (Devourer in the Mist) a great grey, festering glob of endless malevolence.

Abholos makes an appearance in Stunning Eldritch Tales, an adventure book for the Call of Cthulhu role playing game.

There are two theories about the creation of Abholos, in both case he is a byproduct. 

Although not confirmed, he is said to be a side effect from the mating of Ghisguth and Zstylzhemghi, which gave birth to Tsathoggua. Abholos in this case is the lesser brother or cousin and more like a self-willed placenta taken form. 

Another explination for Abholos is that he is a spawn of Cthulhu, born from his bile and tears.


- Laws, R. D. (2008). Stunning Eldritch Tales. Pelgrane

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