Lovecraft circle SealThe Adumbrali are beings introduced by Robert A. W. Lowndes in the story The Abyss.

Etymology Edit

It is possible that the name "Adumbrali" comes from the Latin Ad Umbra, which would mean "towards the darkness".

Appearance Edit

...There were things in the abyss, (...) great shapes that were like blobs of utter blackness, yet which he knew to be alive. From the central masses of their beings he could see them shoot forth incredibly long, filamentine tentacles. They moved themselves forward and backward-horizontally, but they could not move vertically, it seemed. They were, he thought, nothing but living shadows...
~ Robert A. W. Lowndes, The Abyss.

Adumbrali are two-dimensional shadow-like creatures capable of attacking by generating long tentacles.

Origin Edit

The Adumbrali come from the two-dimensional plane. That is why they are practically flat. Due to their strange nature, they are unable to move up and down vertically. However, when hunting they compensate for this deficiency thanks to the use of their tentacles.

Behavior Edit

The adumbrali are very sadistic and enjoy torturing their victims. To this end, they can drag their victims to the two-dimensional plane in which they inhabit and there mistreat them physically and mentally. Once they have fed on the juices of individuals, they leave them in the three-dimensional plane, the plane in which we inhabit. The victim of an adumbrali attack is usually left with a blank stare and a frozen face in a gesture of horror.

Additionally, the Adumbrali can control some Dimensional Shamblers, which they use to capture even more prey. It is from the fact that they are able to enslave and coordinate the movements of these beings that it can be deduced that the adumbrali have a certain intelligence, although it is not clear how much they possess exactly.

Legacy Edit

  • In the Force of Will card game there is a card that refers to this creature.

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