Tiny portraitExtended universe sigil Afterlife with Archie is an ongoing series from Archie Comics that has 10 issues with 2 upcoming issues, which has been experiencing delays.


While attempting a to perform a resurrection with the Necronomicon the witch Sabrina accidentally releases a plague of flesh-eating zombies controlled by Cthulhu, and the survivors of Riverdale struggle to survive. After the ceremony her aunts Hilda and Zelda turned into ghouls and banished her to the nether-world without her powers as punishment for using the forbidden text. By Issue 6 Sabrina has been admitted as patient at a mental institution run by H.P. Lovecraft after her aunts are supposedly killed in a house fire. Lovecraft tells her that she only believes herself to be a witch as a coping mechanism. In reality Lovecraft and her aunts are grooming her to be the Bride of Cthulhu by planting dreams of being led to cliffs. In issue 9 her possessed form confronts her former friends alongside Cthulhu himself.

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