Lovecraft circle SealAihais are beings that appear in the story of Clark Ashton Smith Vulthoom.

Appearance Edit

The figure, nearly ten foot in height, was taller by a full yard than the average Aihai, but presented the familiar conformation of massively bulging chest and bony, many-angled limbs. The head was featured with high-flaring ears and pit-like nostrils that narrowed and expanded visibly in the twilight. The eyes were sunken in profound orbits, and were wholly invisible, save for tiny reddish sparks that appeared to burn suspended in the sockets of a skull. According to native customs, this bizarre personage was altogether nude; but a kind of circlet around the neck—a flat wire of curiously beaten silver—indicated that he was the servant of some noble lord.
~ Clark Ashton Smith, Vulthoom

Aihais are humanoid beings, with a large protruding torso and several elbows on their arms. Their heads have large ears and very deep nostrils, which stretch and contract with their breathing. Their eye sockets are also deep, rendering their eyes invisible except for a faint red glow emanating from them. Apparently they have a habit of not wearing clothes, but not much is known about this tradition. Those of their kind who serve a nobleman tend to wear a flat silver wire as a necklace.

History Edit

Aihais are one of the dominant species on Mars. They are generally pacifists and are fully engaged in commerce and cultural activities. They are not very related to the other Martian species, having with them treaties that are somewhat unstable. However, millennia ago, Vulthoom arrived on his planet and using his sedative and hallucinogenic plants, he managed to gather a group of Aihais to serve him. Despite this, the aihai leaders firmly rejected the Great Old One. Faced with this threat, Vulthoom was forced to equip his followers with weapons that he brought on his ship, thus waging a civil war between them. In the end, Vulthoom and his sect managed to survive, but then they retired to underground caverns, and went into a state of torpor for a thousand years. After their awakening they return to their dream, staying a thousand years more sleeping and becoming only legends among the other Aihais. Inside these caverns, which were called by the surface Aihais as Ravermos, Vulthoom and his sect began the construction of a spaceship that they will use to leave Mars and settle on Earth.


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