Extended universe sigil The Alice was created by Lewis Carroll in 1865, first appearing in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In 2008, it first appeared in Zenescope Entertainment's Grimm Fairy Tales fictional universe, in the issue #0 of the 1st volume of Grimm Fairy Tales: Return to Wonderland. Alice Liddle's name is based on the name of "Alice Liddle" one of the children of Lewis Carroll's friend, to whom he told stories to.


Alice was sacrificed to Wonderland by Charles Dodgson (aka, Lewis Carroll), thereby maintaining his youth. Where she encountered the Jabberwocky who let her return to Earth, but tricked her and made her leave part of her aspect behind. Leading others on Earth to perceive her has being crazy. Despite having a bit of madness within her, she was able to have a normal life with her high school sweetheart whom she married and had children.

Her aspect back in Wonderland grew up to be an adult known as "Lacie", whose willpower eventually made her powerful in Wonderland. Back on Earth, Alice was eventually driven to suicide by the White Rabbit with her husband's infidelity pushing her over the edge. In Wonderland, Lacie continued to exist and helped her daughter Calie when she was brought to Wonderland. Alice's spirit would later be found by "The Maker", a godlike being. Who reincarnated her as "Love", making her one of "The Keepers", a group of celestial beings.


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