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Alucard is an eldritch vampire in the fictional universe of the Hellsing manga and anime.


Alucard is Vlad the Impaler (aka, Count Dracula). A long time friend of Walter C. Dornez who is extremely loyal to Integra Hellsing, serving as the Hellsing Organization's ultimate weapon. He cares for Seras Victoria, his fledgling vampire. As the Hellsing family's servant he is a vampie hunter.

A ruthless merciless vampire whom has been in their service since Aruther Hellsing captured him in London in 1897. Via the use of science and magic, Hellsing tamed Alucard. During World War 2, he was used against the Millennium, a Nazi organization, stopping their attempt to create a vampire army. Decades later, after being awakened by Integra Hellsing, Alucard once again was the Hellsing Organization's main weaponn against a resurgent Millennium's vampire army.

Alucard is a god-like vampire that is able to completely regenerate its body from a pool of blood, is able to rip through material that is stronger than uranium, has superhuman speed and reflexes, can manipulation of shadows, the ability to teleport anywhere, summoning familiars, casting illusions, telepathy and mind control, telekinetic powers strong enough to move an aircraft carrier for a long distance at high speed.