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Doctor Ambrose Dexter (often abbreviated as Doctor Dexter) is a character who appears in "The Haunter of the Dark" and "The Shadow that Fled from the Spire".


Dr. Ambrose Dexter started out as an innocent Providence town doctor, but everything changed when, in 1935, he wanted to investigate the death of Robert Harrison Blake. His inquiries led him to a cursed object known as the "Shining Trapezohedron", an ancient artifact that served to summon Nyarlathotep into his avatar: the Haunter of the Dark. Looking at it, Ambrose Dexter was possessed by Nyarlathotep and threw the Trapezohedron to the bottom of Narragansett Bay so that no one could destroy it by exposing it to sunlight. Later, Dexter, who happened to be an avatar of Nyarlathotep, joined atomic research and became friends with great scientists like Albert Einstein himself.

But with all this, Dexter-Nyarlathotep's true purpose was chaos. He wanted the development of atomic weapons to hasten the end of humanity.

In the winter of 1950, the Dexter-Nyarlathotep plans were discovered by Edmund Fiske. This was useless, however, for Nyarlathotep, revealing his true appearance, killed Fiske and, later reverting to Ambrose Dexter's appearance, claimed that the man had died of cardiac arrest. By hiding behind his good social position, he managed to get away with it.

Currently, the whereabouts of doctor Ambrose Dexter is unknown.


  • This avatar is clearly associated with the Haunter of the Dark, but also has a subtle link with The Tick-Tock Man, as both avatars are related to the technological world and weapons of mass destruction.