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Angel (Supernatural)

The Angels are eldritch extra-terrestrial beings in the fictional universe of the Supernatural television series.


Angels are an extra-terrestrial race of energy beings. Mortals that see their true form have their eyes instantly burned. When manifesting on Earth, they appear as a bluish luminous smoke or brilliant white light. They have 2-6 large swan-like wings on the back. One of them had four faces, each that of a lion. At least some of the angels are the size of skyscrapers, one of which is over 1000 ft tall. Angels are theorized to be beings of pure energy, just waves and lights. They consider God to be their father and each other siblings.

Angel society has its own hierarchy, consisting of several tiers. The weakest angels (Cherubim) possess super strength, are able to posses a human host with its permission, are immortal, possess great physical endurance, can make humans fall in love with each other, and can teleport. Archangels are the most powerful, of which there are four of them. Whom are nigh-omnipotent beings that can do nearly anything they want, whose abilities include creating alternate universes, manipulating the weather, teleportation, shapeshifting, telepathy, super strength, resurrect the dead, the ability to fly, and energy blasts. With their holy energy they can obliterate nearly anything into oblivion.

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