Extended universe sigil Sheila is a hero in the fictional Army of Darkness universe who was created in 1993 by Sam Raimi. She first appeared in the Army of Darkness movie, the 3rd film in the Evil Dead franchise.


Annie Knowby arrived at her parents cabin with her boyfriend and two locals, to show them lost pages of the Necronomicon that she found. Only to find evidence of a slaughter and a bloody Ash Williams. At first they believed Ash to be the murderer, but soon discovered the horror of the Deadites. One by one the members of her party were killed, till only she and Ash remained. As she read the Necronomicon to banish the Deadites, she was mortally wounded by Evil Ash's dismembered hand, dying as she spoke the final words of the incantation.

An alternate version survived the events in the Cabin and ended up in hell when it swallowed the cabin. With the help of a simulacrum of Ash, she freed her parents souls. After the two of them escaped from Hell, they would go on killing Deadites back on Earth. Eventually they would end up in the Mirror Dimension.


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