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Mysterious strangers lurk in the streets, dangerous cultists plot to awaken the Ancient Ones, portals to other dimensions release hideous creatures that bring horror and madness into this world… and only a handful of brave investigators stand before the dread of the unknown.

The Arkham Horror Premium Figures line was a range of pre-painted miniatures released by Fantasy Flight Games as a part of their Arkham Horror Files range.

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Designed by Fantasy Flight as alternatives to using the cardboard tokens provided in their games of Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror and Mansions of Madness, the complete range featured sculpts of most of the investigator characters for these games, along with a large selection of the most popular Monsters to go along with them. First released in 2010, originally only the Investigator figures were available, but from 2012 the Monsters made their appearance, being released in a succession of waves over the course of several months.

One of the design features of the Monster miniatures was a slotted base, which enabled players to insert the relevant Monster card into the base, so as to easily be able to view pertinent game information without consulting additional sources. This feature could not be adapted for the Investigator miniatures, as their play cards were far too large to allow.

These figures, whilst still listed on Fantasy Flight's website as of July 2019, are all marked as out of stock, and the company has not announced any plans to reissue them.

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