Mythos adjacent Seal Asteroth is a Great Old One who was created by Marvel Comics. She appeared in the final four issues of Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray, issues #3-6 in 2005. Recently it has been retconned by Marvel that the Old Ones and the Many-Angled Ones are one and the same.


Asteroth claimed to have been born from the chaos of the universe's creation. She once visited this reality (Earth-616) but sometime later became trapped in another dimension, imprisoned by the race from which she emerged. During the fighting between the Korbinite Beta Ray Bill and the Cosmic Herald Stardust, an dimensional warp was opened by Stardust who attempted to send Beta Ray Bill into a cosmic hell. A monstrous tentacle surged forth from the warp and seized Beta Ray Bill. A blast from Stardust severed the tentacle right before it closed, leaving behind the fragment.

This then transformed into a feminine semi-humanoid form who planned to consume order throughout the universe, remaking it in its image by permitting chaos to reign supreme. After this she planned to move on to the next universe, consume it, and move on to the next, and so forth until chaos overcame all of the Multiverse after which it would move on to the Omniverse. During its battle with both Stardust and Beta Ray Bill which it was winning, it was suddenly attacked by Alpha Ray, the Korbinite android sent by Galactus.

She was taken close enough to the Black Hole to be pulled in, but was able to send her essence into Beta Ray Bill's Meta-Orb which contained the lifeforces of the Korbinites who had been collected by Stardust. Upon arriving at his ship, it began to absorb power from the vessel. When he arrived at Asgard in the aftermath of Ragnarok, it emerged from the Meta-Orb in a new more beastly humanoid form, having fed on the Korbinite life forces. An enraged Beta Ray Bill fought Asteroth once more, and this time emerged victorious, apparently killing her.

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A small fragment of the entity was powerful enough to incapacitate a Cosmic Herald (Stardust) and a champion of Asgard, Beta Ray Bill, with a single blast. She was able to obliterate a planet when smashed into its core by the combined assault of Beta Ray Bill and Stardust, and emerged unharmed. Asteroth was able to re-direct a black hole's gravity well. It's an entity that thrives on destruction, feeding on order and life. It can feed on worlds and then galaxies, using them to increase it power and once she became powerful enough, she would feed on the universe.


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