Lovecraft circle SealExtended universe sigil Averoigne is a historical province in France, (CIRCLE: "A Rendezvous in Averoigne", Clark Ashton Smith). In the pre-Christian times it was known as Averonia and it's inhabitants were called Averones (CIRCLE: "The Holiness of Azédarac" [Clark Ashton Smith]). Many Great Old Ones such as Sodaqui, Iog-Sotôt, Dagon and The Ram With A Thousand Ewes continued to be revered and known in Averoigne even after the spread of Christianity. (CIRCLEIbid [Clark Ashton Smith])

The worship of Sodaqui under the name of Sadoqua (CIRCLE: "The Oracle of Sadoqua" [Clark Ashton Smith]) was relatively widespread in Averonia and was opposed by the cultists of Sheila-Na-Gog (EXP: "The Wedding of Sheila-Na-Gog", G. A. Rahman & R. L. Tierney)

Averoigne is inhabited by many malign and dangerous creatures such as Lamias (CIRCLE: "The End of the Story" [Clark Ashton Smith]) and Satyrs (CIRCLE: "The Satyr" [Clark Ashton Smith])


Averoigne is located in the southern half of France. The northern half of the territory is dominated by the walled city of Vyones, site of an impressive cathedral. In the southern half is located the town of Ximes; the main road of Averoigne runs between Ximes and Vyones, straight through the thick, dark forest that blankets the province. A river called Isoile flows from the mountains in the northern part of the province to feed into a swamp in the south.

Other towns and villages located in Averoigne include: Moulins, Les Hiboux, La Frenâie, Touraine, Sainte Zenobie, and Périgon. In the forest can be found haunted ruins, such as the Château of Fausseflammes and the stronghold of Ylourgne.

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