So, what shall we call such creatures, who, when they are 'summoned' or born, can turn worlds to cinders and rekindle dying suns to nuclear furnaces? In eons past they were named the Azathi—Children of Azathoth.
~ Elysia: The Coming of Cthulhu , Brian Lumley

Derleth Elder Sign Seal Extended universe sigil Azathi are the primal children of Azathoth. They cause nuclear and atomic reactions and are instantly annihilated upon their birth.

According to Wizards Exior K'mool and Ardatha Ell at least three of the Azathi had avoided annihilation and sustained themselves. They named them Azathu, Azatha and Azathe. According to legend, they made a pact which when fulfilled would lead to the destruction of the multiverse and the return of the Great Old Ones.

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