Extended universe sigil Azotharoth is a Great Old One who was created by Marvel Comics. It appeared in issue #59 of the 1st volume of Marvel Graphic Novel in April 1990, which was influenced by the 1984 movie, Conan the Destroyer.. Recently it has been retconned by Marvel that the Old Ones and the Many-Angled Ones are the one and the same.


Azotharoth is a God of Pain and Hate, the Dreaming God. Before the emergence of man, it warred with other gods, and was defeated when his horn was torn from his forehead. He went into a slumber and could only be awakened upon the alignment of the stars in a specific pattern. For a millennia the monks used the poor and the dead to sustain the Dreaming God with a river of blood, unknown to the inhabitants of Shadizar the capital of Zamora. When awakened, its horn absorbed the blood and flesh of those impaled, leaving only bones. The priests of Azotharoth retrieved his horn and put it on his forehead at the moment the stars were perfectly aligned. He awakened and began to slaughter all those near him, including the priests. Conan was able to tear his horn off, destroying its body in the material plane.


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