Lovecraft circle Seal Bast is a Egyptian goddess of cats and in legend the daughter of Re. Queen of all cats, including those of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus. Also spelt Bubaste and Ubaste. The name is sometimes connected with Sekhmet and linked with the goddess Mut. Bast is also linked with ghouls by some Saracen sorcerers, who call her "the Chewer of Corpses". A ghoul-cult to Bast fled from the Middle East to Cornwall where they established a secret temple.


  • It is speculated that Bast qualifies as an Elder God due to H.P. Lovecraft's feline obsession and because of hints given in Lovecraft's "The Cats of Ulthar". She appears as a female human with a cat's head or a regular cat in Egyptian mythology. Robert Bloch clearly inserts this goddess into the Mythos in his fiction.
  • Another spelling of her name is Bastet, but due to the way the Egyptian language works it does not change the pronunciation. The additional 'et' ending is added merely to emphasize the t in her name which denotes that she is female.
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