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🐙 The Beholders are an aberrant race from the universe in the Dungeons & Dragons pencil-and-paper roleplaying game. They are arguably vaguely Lovecraftian - tentacles, eyes, inhuman.


The Beholders are malevolent abberations whose forms are that of an orb of flesh with a cyclopean eye and a maw full of sharp teeth. On top are ten fleshy stalks, each of which has its own eye. Beholders despise all life, seeing themselves as the pinnacle of existence. They are full of malice and hate, and desire the extermination of all other lifeforms. Their hate extends to each other, and often war with each other.

Gravity has no effect on them, and if knocked unconciouss will continue to float in the air. Beholders possess a wide varity of magical powers, and each of the eye stalks fires a different beam of magic.