Lovecraft circle SealExtended universe sigil The Black Galleys are ominous trading ships that sail the Southern Sea of the Dreamlands under the power of a triple banks of oars. They function as the cosmic link to the moon between the Basalt Pillars of the West.


The traders that interact with human merchants are Men of Leng, almost human slaves disguised with turbans to cover their two horns and shoes to extend their hooved feet. Despite this their wide mouths and sinister reputation lead to distrust in the human population. They are also responsible for the lighter jobs like steering and cooking.

Unknown to the humans the galleys trade with the officers, navigators and remarkably efficient rowers are all toad-like moon-beasts. At ports such as Dylath-Leen they remain below decks for weeks without buying any provisions and only emerge through the ship's hatches when they return to the moon.


They give unique rubies to the bazaars of Dylath-Leen in exchange for gold and "fat black men of Parg whom they bought by the pound" which they took back with them to the moon. 


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