Black Mirror (Marvel Comics)

Extended universe sigil Mythos adjacent Seal The Black Mirror is a fictional item in the Marvel universe which first appeared in 2008 in the Mystic Arcana mini-series, in the Sister Grimm issue.


The Black Mirror was forged in hellfire by demonic hands. Whoever looks into the Black Mirror is able to see into other dimensions and if used correctly, the user can travel through time. Hidden behind the mirror was a page of the Darkhold, the most powerful tome of dark magic on Earth. The mirror itself is the perfect reflection of Chthon's dark soul. (EXP: Mystic Arcana)

Khalid Ibn Yazid, author of Hali's Book, made one from obsidian to communicate with star-headed beings. (EXP: Providence)

Behind the MythosEdit

Dr. John Dee used a black scrying mirror as part of his Enochian magic, the magic of angels.

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