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The Blood Brigade is a fictional organization in the CthulhuTech pencil-and-paper roleplaying game by Wildfire LLC.


The Blood Brigade is an organization of fanatical religious zealots organized into terrorist cells which was founded by a wealthy former television evangelist. Who are waging a war of terror against the godless, the unclean, and Nazzadi. The Death Shadows supply them with explosives and weapons, even though the Blood Brigade is waging war against the Mythos. As their bigotry and hatred results in violent crime and acts of terror against innocents or which results in casualties among innocents. It's lunatic members spread like the plague, literally society's cockroaches. They teach that man is being punished by God, who sent the horrors of the Aeon War upon mankind. It recruits its members from the disillusioned and depressed. Initiation usually involves a violent crime and ends in a bloody ritual.

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