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It is written in the Book of K'yog that long aeons before the first men came there was a great city built where the rivers Karnodir and Deb ran together at the head a delta which vanished in fire and cataclysm more than thirty thousand years ago. It is further told that the beings which erected the gray-hued pillars and columns of Yuth migrated from a dark planet on the outer edge of the solar system, drifting sunward on huge leathery wings and bearing with them an entity which they called Tsathoggua which they enshrined within a central temple and worshipped with abominable ceremonies each night when the moon was full.

The Book of K'yog, is a grimoire whose author is unknown in the fictional Cthulhu Mythos. It is doubtful whether any copies of it exist today.

Appearances Edit

  • The Book of K’yog was referenced in John Glasby's short story The Old One through an unnamed volume which discusses its contents.
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