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Boris Hurtta (born 8. December 1945 in Turku, Finland) is a Finnish author who is one of main early contributors to Finnish Cthulhu Mythos together with S. Albert Kivinen and others.

Hurtta edited an anthology of Lovecraftian & Cthulhu Mythos stories written by Finnish authors named Kultainen Naamio (The Golden Mask) published in 1993 and wrote many Mythos stories for the Science-fiction magazine Portti and others.

On top of his other Mythos stories Hurtta wrote a long-running series of stories about the bibliophile bookshop owner Valdemar Rydberg and his friend and assistant Nils Hermelin. In stories such as Pirunkirjojen kintereillä and Perkeleitä Broadwaylla the heroes hunt for books such as The Necronomicon and visit Arkham. S. Albert Kivinen also features as a character in some of Hurtta's stories.

Partial list of Hurtta's mythos stories Edit

  • "Pirunkirjojen kintereillä" (Portti 3/1988)
  • "Perkeleitä Broadwaylla" (Portti 2/1989)
  • "Perisynnin kosketus" (Portti 4/1989)
  • "Kolmen jumalan kumartaja" (Portti 1/1990)
  • "Perilliset" (Portti 1/1991)
  • "Prins Sigismundin lokikirja" (Portti 3/1991)
  • "Myöhempinä aikoina" (Kultainen naamio 1993)
  • "Tulvavuoksen jumalat" (Kultainen naamio 1993)
  • "Merenpohjan kaiku" (Portti 2/2001)
  • "Madonsanat" (2014?) (Ne Ammoiset)
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