🐙 Brethren Moons are Lovecraftian living planetoids and the cosmic horror element in the fictional universe of the Dead Space video game franchise.


Brethren Moons are moon-sized creatures that exist throughout the known cosmos, possessing vast telepathic and telekinetic powers. Whom are the creators of the Markers which are sent across the universe, landing on various planets. Upon landing on a world, a Marker transmits an electromagnetic signal. Attracting any indigenous species to the Marker, whom experience dementia or a compulsion and desire to artificially create new Markers. Due to their power and the amount of energy they possess, species have attempted to replicate, harvest, and research the Markers.

Unknown to the species, the signal also has a another purpose, altering necrotic tissue at the molecular level thereby reanimating corpses known as Necromorphs. Once most of the world's inhabitants have been infested, the Markers will initiate a signal and begin the Convergence. In which a new Brethren Moon is created by the merging of the world's living, dead, and Necromorph tissue which flies into the stratosphere and fuses. Parts of the planet are absorbed into the moon along with its biosphere, giving it its colossal appearance. The Brethren Moon then revealed its formation by broadcasting a signal.


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