Brotherhood of Sahb Delanzar (Marvel Comics)

Extended universe sigil The Brotherhood of Sahb Delanzar is a fictional cult which appeared in Marvel universe in 1986, making its first appearance in issue #125 of the 1st volume of the Savage Sword of Conan.


The Brotherhood of Sahb Delanzar was a Mythos cult in Zamora during the Hyborian Age. The cult had been kidnapping babies to sacrifice to Shub-Niggurath (aka, Sahb Delanzar). Once they sacrificed 1000 young, he would return to Earth and rule over the world. It was led by the wealthy Lissandra who was its priestess and the cult used assassins. Conan of Cimmeria interfered in her plans, which resulted in Shub-Niggurath consuming her and her husband rather than their child.

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