Extended universe sigil The Brotherhood of the Black Lotus was founded in 6th century BC. They are caretakers of the Forbidden Sutra and its learned masters have a lineage that goes all the way back to the Emerald Lama (an avatar of Hastur). It's headquarters is believed to be either in China or near China, at the nearly-mythical Shamballa within the Himalayan or Kunlun mountains of Tibet or the Altai mountains of Mongolia. Secrecy and deception is the stock and trade of the Brotherhood, with its countless minions, false fronts, and layers of dead ends. The organization has influence over most of man's esoteric religons and because of its role in the Asian drug trade, it's a wealthy organization.

For centuries it has played a major role in the Asian drug trade. It's believed that the real leaders of the Golden Triangle drug operations (and the Chinese Triads) are members of the Brotherhood. Members of the organization practice Buddhist tantric rituals. Known as the Green Caps they have waged a holy war with the mainstream sects of Buddhism (the Yellow Caps) as long as they have existed. Their goal is to bring about the age of corruption and the end of mankind's dominance on Earth with the return of the Great Old Ones. They trade with the Tcho-Tcho on a regular basis and have strong ties to the plateaus of Sung and Leng.[1]


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