Extended universe sigil Carroll Ann Liddle was created by Raven Gregory and Daniel Lester in 2007, first appearing in issue #1 of the 1st volume of Grimm Fairy Tales: Return to Wonderland by Zenescope Entertainment. She is the primary protagonist of the Wonderland saga, appearing as the protagonist in the majority of the story arcs and mini-series.


Carroll Ann Liddle is Alice Liddle's daughter. Who grew up with a mother who slowly but steadily went insane. Eventually one day Calie was given the task of watching her mother (to guard against the threat of suicide) but her mother demanded that she find a white rabbit which had escaped. Calie searched for the rabbit and eventually found it in the basement, in a previously unknown hole in the basement floor.

She fell through and her own adventures in Wonderland began. Calie would end up fighting and running from the Madness of Wonderland for decades, both in the Realm of Nightmares and on Earth. Fighting alongside her mother's aspect in Wonderland (Lacie) against the madness of Wonderland, battling her insane brother Johnny Liddle, trying to change Wonderland for the better, defending Earth from its madness, and trying to save and then protect her daughter Violet Liddle.

Calie evolves throughout the three series, and her evolution is tied to her own abilities, and especially those in Wonderland. Upon her second trip to Wonderland, while seeking to reclaim her daughter Violet, her physical abilities are all enhanced dramatically. Once the portal is destroyed she reverts to her ordinary capabilities as this was a result of her learning that she had control over the dimension by learning she had control over the madness which sought to infect her. In this mentality, she also proves adept with using martial weapons, most often a sword or a battle ax.


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