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=== The Path to Y'ha-nthlei===
=== The Path to Y'ha-nthlei===
#Confident Rookie (Character; The Agency)
#Military Bike (Support; The Agency)
#Field Researcher (Character; Miskatonic University)
#Changing the Names (Event; Miskatonic University)
#Expendable Muscle (Character; Syndicate)
#False Papers (Support; Syndicate)
#Julia Brown, ''Oddly Amphibious'' (Character; Cthulhu)
#Eye of the Deep (Event; Cthulhu)
#Scalethorn Asylum, ''Amphibious Fort'' (Support; Cthulh)
#The Thing Behind You, ''Turn around!'' (Character; Hastur)
#Brain Transplant (Event; Hastu)
#Hideous Guardian (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
#Idol of the Abomination (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
#Binding Worm (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
#Unspeakable Transformation (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
#Old Sea Dog (Character; Neutral)
#Conspiracy Theorist (Character; Neutral)
#Strange Delusions (Support; Neutral)
#Foiled! (Support; Neutral)
#The Path to Y'ha-nthlei (Conspiracy; Neutral)

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This subject is written on a topic in the real world and reflects factual information. This subject contains information from the Expanded Cthulhu Mythos, and not based on H.P. Lovecraft's works directly. Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game is a card-based game published by Fantasy Flight Games before being replaced by Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Core Set

2009, 165 cards.[1]

  1. Thomas F. Malone, Haunted Police Detective (Character; The Agency)
  2. Kirby O'Donnell, Adventurer Abroad (Character; The Agency)
  3. Local Sheriff (Character; The Agency)
  4. Paul LeMond, Tormented Psychic (Character; The Agency)
  5. Professor Hermann Mulder, Bureau Consultant (Character; The Agency)
  6. Monster Hunter (Character; The Agency)
  7. Undercover Security (Character; The Agency)
  8. Hired Muscle (Character; The Agency)
  9. Freelance Occultist (Character; The Agency)
  10. Blackwood File Clerk (Character; The Agency)
  11. Peeler (Character; The Agency)
  12. T-Men (Character; The Agency)
  13. G-Men (Character; The Agency)
  14. Shotgun (Support; The Agency)
  15. Patrol Wagon (Support; The Agency)
  16. Shotgun Blast (Event; The Agency)
  17. Short Fuse (Event; The Agency)
  18. Torch the Joint! (Event; The Agency)
  19. Small Price to Pay (Event; The Agency)
  20. Working a Hunch (Event; The Agency)
  21. Professor Albert Wilmarth, Folklore Expert (Character; Miskatonic University)
  22. Dr. Ali Kafour, Middle Eastern Scholar (Character; Miskatonic University)
  23. Steve Clarney, Soldier of Fortune (Character; The Agency)
  24. Professor Nathaniel Peaslee, Scholar of the Arcane (Character; Miskatonic University)
  25. Anthropology Advisor (Character; Miskatonic University)
  26. Visiting Author (Character; Miskatonic University)
  27. Mad Genius (Character; Miskatonic University)
  28. Strange Librarian (Character; Miskatonic University)
  29. Laboratory Assistant (Character; Miskatonic University)
  30. Itinerant Scholar (Character; Miskatonic University)
  31. Natural Philosopher (Character; Miskatonic University)
  32. Student Archaeologist (Character; Miskatonic University)
  33. Celano Fragments, The Life's Work of Dr. Shrewsbury (Support; Miskatonic University)
  34. Open for Inspection (Support; Miskatonic University)
  35. Atwood Science Hall (Support; Miskatonic University)
  36. Binding (Event; Miskatonic University)
  37. Feast of Famine (Event; Miskatonic University)
  38. Restless and Wary (Event; Miskatonic University)
  39. Dr. Carson's Treatment (Event; Miskatonic University)
  40. Unearthing the Ancients (Event; Miskatonic University)
  41. Cthulhu, The Great Old One (Character; Cthulhu)
  42. Dagon, Father of the Deep (Character; Cthulhu)
  43. Keeper of the Golden Path (Character; Cthulhu)
  44. Guardian Shoggoth (Character; Cthulhu)
  45. Shadow-spawned Hunting Horror (Character; Cthulhu)
  46. Ravager from the Deep (Character; Cthulhu)
  47. Innsmouth Troublemaker (Character; Cthulhu)
  48. Adult Deep One (Character; Cthulhu)
  49. Ocean Crawlers (Character; Cthulhu)
  50. Lord of the Silver Twilight (Character; Cthulhu)
  51. Mature Deep One (Character; Cthulhu)
  52. Young Deep One (Character; Cthulhu)
  53. Sleep of Reason (Support; Cthulhu)
  54. Sword of Y'ha-tallo (Support; Cthulhu)
  55. Shadowed Reef (Support; Cthulhu)
  56. Deep One Assault (Event; Cthulhu)
  57. Pulled Under (Event; Cthulhu)
  58. Get it Off! (Event; Cthulhu)
  59. Sacrificial Offerings (Event; Cthulhu)
  60. Touched by the Sleeper (Event; Cthulhu)
  61. Jack "Brass" Brady, Steeped in Violence (Character; Syndicate)
  62. Dr. Marinus Bicknell Willett, Lost but Determined (Character; Syndicate)
  63. Richard Upton Pickman, Genius Painter (Character; Syndicate)
  64. Bag Man (Character; Syndicate)
  65. Clover Club Bouncer (Character; Syndicate)
  66. Clover Club Torch Singer (Character; Syndicate)
  67. Triggerman (Character; Syndicate)
  68. Syndicate Liaison (Character; Syndicate)
  69. Hard Case (Character; Syndicate)
  70. Patsy (Character; Syndicate)
  71. Extortionist (Character; Syndicate)
  72. Freelance Photographer (Character; Syndicate)
  73. Dutch Courage (Support; Syndicate)
  74. Cathouse (Support; Syndicate)
  75. Alhazred Lamp (Support; Syndicate)
  76. Like A Moth (Event; Syndicate)
  77. Panic (Event; Syndicate)
  78. Get on Yer Feet! (Event; Syndicate)
  79. Low Blow (Event; Syndicate)
  80. Legacy of Ramses (Event; Syndicate)
  81. Hastur, The King in Yellow (Character; Hastur)
  82. Victoria Glasser, The Society Hostess (Character; Hastur)
  83. Yellow Muse (Character; Hastur)
  84. Demon Lover (Character; Hastur)
  85. Thing from the Stars (Character; Hastur)
  86. Messenger from Beyond (Character; Hastur)
  87. Performance Artist (Character; Hastur)
  88. Byakhee Servant (Character; Hastur)
  89. Predatory Byakhee (Character; Hastur)
  90. Bearer of the Yellow Sign (Character; Hastur)
  91. Ghost (Character; Hastur)
  92. Mad Artist (Character; Hastur)
  93. Victoria's Loft (Support; Hastur)
  94. Sedated (Support; Hastur)
  95. Byakhee Attack (Event; Hastur)
  96. Agoraphobia (Event; Hastur)
  97. Scotophobia (Event; Hastur)
  98. Despair (Event; Hastur)
  99. Blind Submission (Event; Hastur)
  100. Power Drain (Event; Hastur)
  101. Yog-Sothoth, In Whom the Spheres Meet (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  102. Servant from Out of Time (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  103. Son of Yeb (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  104. Living Mummy (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  105. Fishers from Outside (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  106. Cannibal Ghast (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  107. Spell-bound Shoggoth (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  108. Arcane Initiate (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  109. Guardian Elder Thing (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  110. Hound of Tindalos (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  111. Disciple of the Gate (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  112. Servant of Nodens (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  113. Forbidden Shrine (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  114. Blackmoor Estate (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  115. Journey to the Other Side (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  116. Opening the Limbo Gate (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  117. A Single Glimpse (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  118. Gathering at the Stones (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  119. Unspeakable Resurrection (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  120. Dampen Light (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  121. Shub-Niggurath, The All Mother (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  122. Y'Golonac, The Obscenity (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  123. Priestess of Bubastis (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  124. Slavering Gug (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  125. Forest Sister (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  126. Ancient Guardian (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  127. Small Ghouls (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  128. Watcher of the Woods (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  129. Mi-Go Scout (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  130. Mi-Go Warrior (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  131. Hungry Dark Young (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  132. Degenerate Ghoul (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  133. Shadowed Woods (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  134. Ghoul Taint (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  135. Altar of the Blessed (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  136. Regeneration (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  137. Burrowing Beneath (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  138. Horrid Mutation (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  139. Bred to Survive (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  140. Shocking Transformation (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  141. Mystic Bounty Hunter (Character; Neutral)
  142. Freelance Agent (Character; Neutral)
  143. .45 Pistols (Support; Neutral)
  144. Political Demonstration (Event; Neutral)
  145. Overzealous Initiate (Character; Neutral)
  146. Arkham Asylum (Support; Neutral)
  147. Moving the Scenery (Event; Neutral)
  148. Military Advisor (Character; Neutral)
  149. Serpent from Yoth (Character; Neutral)
  150. Tcho-Tcho Talisman (Support; Neutral)
  151. Inside Information (Event; Neutral)
  152. Dabbler in the Unknown (Character; Neutral)
  153. Gentleman's Club (Support; Neutral)
  154. Eldritch Nexus (Event; Neutral)
  155. The Bootleg Whiskey Cover-Up (Conspiracy; Neutral)
  156. Nowhere to Hide (Story; Neutral)
  157. The Shadow out of Time (Story; Neutral)
  158. Opening Night (Story; Neutral)
  159. Ancient Apocrypha (Story; Neutral)
  160. The Call of Cthulhu (Story; Neutral)
  161. Through the Gates (Story; Neutral)
  162. Rotting Away (Story; Neutral)
  163. Frozen in Time (Story; Neutral)
  164. Dreamwalkers (Story; Neutral)
  165. The Other Path (Story; Neutral)

Secrets of Arkham

2010, 60 cards

  1. Agency Medic (Character; The Agency)
  2. Paranormal Specialist (Character; The Agency)
  3. Lightning Gun (Support; The Agency)
  4. Norman Blackwood, Jr. Scholarly Detective (Character; The Agency)
  5. Beneath the Burning Sun (Support; The Agency)
  6. Femme Fatale (Character; The Agency)
  7. Scientific Text (Support; Miskatonic University)
  8. Visiting Professor (Character; Miskatonic University)
  9. The Necronomicon, The Book of the Mad Arab (Support; Miskatonic University)
  10. Soothsayer (Character; Miskatonic University)
  11. Misinformation (Event; Miskatonic University)
  12. Professor Armitage, Venerable Librarian (Character; Miskatonic University)
  13. Elite Hit Squad (Character; Syndicate)
  14. Hired Mystic (Character; Syndicate)
  15. Forced Foreclosure (Event; Syndicate)
  16. Intimidate (Event; Syndicate)
  17. Anarchist (Character; Syndicate)
  18. Fixer (Character; Syndicate)
  19. Mi-Go Surgeon (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  20. Mi-Go Commander (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  21. Rampaging Dark Young (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  22. Albino Goat-spawn (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  23. Ageless Mi-Go (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  24. The Mother's Hand (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  25. Hydra, Mother of the Deep (Character; Cthulhu)
  26. Lord of Y'ha-nthlei (Character; Cthulhu)
  27. Primal Fear (Event; Cthulhu)
  28. Carl Stanford (Character; Cthulhu)
  29. Deep One Rising (Character; Cthulhu)
  30. Giving Thanks (Support; Cthulhu)
  31. Things in the Ground (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  32. Calling Down the Ancients (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  33. Gatekeeper (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  34. Hermetic Scholar (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  35. Chant of Thoth (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  36. Wizard of Yog-Sothoth (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  37. Poltergeist (Character; Hastur)
  38. Carcosa, Palace of the Tattered King (Support; Hastur)
  39. Messenger from Hali (Character; Hastur)
  40. Writhing Wall (Event; Hastur)
  41. Infected by Madness (Event; Hastur)
  42. Implant Fear (Event; Hastur)
  43. Feint (Event; Neutral)
  44. Diseased Sewer Rats (Character; Neutral)
  45. Magnifying Glass (Support; Neutral)
  46. Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God (Character; Neutral)
  47. Seeker of Mysteries (Character; Neutral)
  48. The Greatest Fear... (Event; Neutral)
  49. Terrors in the Dark (Support; Neutral)
  50. Dimensional Rift (Support; Neutral)
  51. The Secrets of Arkham (Story; Neutral)
  52. They Come at Night (Story; Neutral)
  53. Obsessive Research (Story; Neutral)
  54. Change of Plans (Story; Neutral)
  55. The Terror out of Dunwich (Story; Neutral)
  56. The Innsmouth Threat (Story; Neutral)
  57. The Thing at the Gate (Story; Neutral)
  58. The Secret of the North Woods (Story; Neutral)
  59. The Dreams of Kingsport (Story; Neutral)
  60. The Well (Story; Neutral)

The Order of the Silver Twilight

2010, 55 cards

  1. Sister Sofia, Nun with a Gun (Character; The Agency)
  2. Call for Backup (Event; The Agency)
  3. Distraught Shopkeeper (Character; Syndicate)
  4. An Offer You Can't Refuse (Event; Syndicate)
  5. Dr. Bartlett, Conspiracy Theorist (Character; Miskatonic University)
  6. Pnakotic Manuscripts, Mind Expanding Ideas (Support; Miskatonic University)
  7. Faceless Abductor (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  8. Curse of the Putrid Husk (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  9. Collector of Sacrifices (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  10. Come to the Altar (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  11. Sweet Old Lady (Character; Hastur)
  12. Old Man of the Woods (Character; Hastur)
  13. Joe Sargent, Rattletrap Bus Driver (Character; Cthulhu)
  14. In the Wake of the Sleeper (Event; Cthulhu)
  15. Neutral Ground (Support; Neutral)
  16. Clifton Rosenberg, Mastermind (Character; Silver Twilight)
  17. Senator Nathaniel Rhodes, Adept Politician (Character; Silver Twilight)
  18. Lord Jeffrey Farrington, Mysterious Benefactor (Character; Silver Twilight)
  19. Silver Twilight Enforcer (Character; Silver Twilight)
  20. Keeper of the Silver Sphere (Character; Silver Twilight)
  21. Young Initiate (Character; Silver Twilight)
  22. Arcane Hunter (Character; Silver Twilight)
  23. Knight of the Outer Void (Character; Silver Twilight)
  24. High Wizard of the Order (Character; Silver Twilight)
  25. Lodge Librarian (Character; Silver Twilight)
  26. Disgruntled Chef (Character; Silver Twilight)
  27. Dedicated Butler (Character; Silver Twilight)
  28. Mayor Atkinson, Resourceful Manipulator (Character; Silver Twilight)
  29. Devious Architect (Character; Silver Twilight)
  30. Lodge Barkeep (Character; Silver Twilight)
  31. Failed Initiate (Character; Silver Twilight)
  32. The Groundskeeper (Character; Silver Twilight)
  33. Silver Twilight Collector (Character; Silver Twilight)
  34. Lodge Housekeeper (Character; Silver Twilight)
  35. Recruiter for the Lodge (Character; Silver Twilight)
  36. Silver Twilight Lodge, Nexus of Power (Support; Silver Twilight)
  37. Key to the Inner Sanctum (Support; Silver Twilight)
  38. Crescent Blade (Support; Silver Twilight)
  39. Sigil of the Order (Support; Silver Twilight)
  40. The Oubliettes, Secret Chambers (Support; Silver Twilight)
  41. Ritual of the Construct, Mystical Summons (Support; Silver Twilight)
  42. Ritual of the Lance, Utter Annihilation (Support; Silver Twilight)
  43. Crystal of the Elder Things, Radiant Gem (Support; Silver Twilight)
  44. Initiation (Event; Silver Twilight)
  45. Lodge Meeting (Event; Silver Twilight)
  46. Dark Secrets of the Order (Event; Silver Twilight)
  47. Secret Handshake (Event; Silver Twilight)
  48. You Know Too Much (Event; Silver Twilight)
  49. Unbound! (Event; Silver Twilight)
  50. Fine Dining (Event; Silver Twilight)
  51. Ritual of Summoning, Horrific Methods (Support; Silver Twilight)
  52. Steal the Soul (Event; Silver Twilight)
  53. Pose Mundane (Event; Silver Twilight)
  54. Friendly to the Order (Event; Silver Twilight)
  55. Brazier Enchantment (Event; Silver Twilight)

Seekers of Knowledge

2011, 55 cards

  1. Board of Trustees, Overseeing the Future (Character; Miskatonic University)
  2. Whitton Greene, Restricted Collection Bookhunter (Character; Miskatonic University)
  3. Richard Pike, Here to Help (Character; Miskatonic University)
  4. Roald Ellsworth, Intrepid Explorer (Character; Miskatonic University)
  5. Brette Wulffsen, Nothing but Trouble (Character; Miskatonic University)
  6. Doctor Bancroft, Military Historian (Character; Miskatonic University)
  7. Matthew Alexander, Dark Companion (Character; Miskatonic University)
  8. James "Cookie" Fredericks, Controversial Explorer (Character; Miskatonic University)
  9. Lucas Tetlow, Eternal Curator (Character; Miskatonic University)
  10. Maurice Diggs, Eldritch Theorist (Character; Miskatonic University)
  11. Eschatologist (Character; Miskatonic University)
  12. Catacombs Docent (Character; Miskatonic University)
  13. Arctic Ethnologist (Character; Miskatonic University)
  14. Cub Reporter (Character; Miskatonic University)
  15. Alternative Historian (Character; Miskatonic University)
  16. Ghost Hunter (Character; Miskatonic University)
  17. Overworked Graduate Student (Character; Miskatonic University)
  18. Campus Security Guard (Character; Miskatonic University)
  19. College Prospect (Character; Miskatonic University)
  20. Sports Scholarship (Support; Miskatonic University)
  21. Protected by the Elder Sign (Support; Miskatonic University)
  22. Station Eismitte, Mid-Ice Polar Station (Support; Miskatonic University)
  23. Cylinders of Kadatheron, Knowledge of Ib (Support; Miskatonic University)
  24. Mu, The Cradle of Civilization (Support; Miskatonic University)
  25. Atlantis, Came to a Catastrophic End (Support; Miskatonic University)
  26. Ultima Thule, Beyond the Known World (Support; Miskatonic University)
  27. Ipiutak, The Bone CIty (Support; Miskatonic University)
  28. Apocalyptic Visions, Prophecies of the Ancients (Support; Miskatonic University)
  29. A Vörös Hal'l Jön, Prophecy of the Lost (Event; Miskatonic University)
  30. Reading the Star Signs (Event; Miskatonic University)
  31. Daring Buju (Event; Miskatonic University)
  32. Por V 1:20, "...and they shall fall to their knees..." (Event; Miskatonic University)
  33. Zero Visibility (Event; Miskatonic University)
  34. Protecting the Anirniq (Event; Miskatonic University)
  35. Plan "B" (Event; Miskatonic University)
  36. Expert Testimony (Event; Miskatonic University)
  37. Fraternal Ties (Event; Miskatonic University)
  38. The Claret Knight, Her Sworn Champion (Character; Neutral)
  39. Aliki Zoni Uperetria, Resourceful Servant (Character; Neutral)
  40. Amaranth, Opener of Ways (Character; Neutral)
  41. Er'nrawr, Death and Entropy Manifest (Character; Neutral)
  42. Hamu IV 1:13, "The heavens speak the Truth..." (Event; The Agency)
  43. The Company, Arm of the Shadow Government (Character; The Agency)
  44. Por XV 14:19, "... drowned upon the altar..." (Event; Cthulhu)
  45. Cthylla, Secret Spawn of Cthulhu (Character; Cthulhu)
  46. Hamu XX 15:14, "The Chimes of Bedlam mark the hour." (Event; Hastur)
  47. N'yog-Sothep, The Nameless Mist (Character; Hastur)
  48. Hanyatl's 7:13, She will give birth to madness... (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  49. Nug, Blasphemy in the Night Sky (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  50. Hanyatl's 1:9, "The young shall replace the old." (Event; Silver Twilight)
  51. Carl Stanford, Sinister, not necessarily Evil (Character; Silver Twilight)
  52. Hanyatl's 12:3, "The horn blew and the hordes came." (Event; Syndicate)
  53. Peter Clover, Playing the Odds (Character; Syndicate)
  54. Lev'l 15:13, "The secrets were written in the stars." (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  55. Umr at-Tawil, Most Ancient (Character; Yog-Sothoth)

The Key and the Gate

2013, 55 cards

  1. Jeanne D'Ys, The Demoiselle (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  2. Claude Owen, Trying to Conquer Death (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  3. Nadine Eskiy, The Namer (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  4. Nikola Tesla, Man Out of Time (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  5. Wilbur Whateley, Scion of Yog-Sothoth (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  6. Professor Nathaniel Peaslee, Alien Intelligence (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  7. Fthaggua, Regent of the Fire Vampires (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  8. Yog-Sothoth, All-In-One (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  9. Lost Oracle (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  10. Wentshukumishiteu (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  11. Hungry Star Vampire (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  12. Quantum Theorist (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  13. Decrepit Wizard (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  14. Hand of Aforgomon (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  15. Yithian Scout (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  16. Keeper of the Great Library (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  17. Scholar from Yith (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  18. Scientist from Yith (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  19. Displaced (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  20. One-In-All (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  21. Elder Chasm, Abyssal Rift (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  22. Frozen Time (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  23. Rite of the Silver Key, Ritual of the Profane (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  24. Ys, Swallowed By The Sea (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  25. Rite of the Silver Gate, Rending Space-Time (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  26. De Vermis Mysteriis, Signs of the Black Stars (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  27. Lost City of Pnakotus, Source of Forgotten Lore (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  28. Dark Passenger (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  29. Song of the Spheres (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  30. Summon Spectral Hunter (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  31. Temporal Slip (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  32. Mists of Lethe (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  33. Calling the Williwaw (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  34. Vortex of Time (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  35. Studying the Void (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  36. Return to Yith (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  37. Interstellar Migration (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  38. Prepared Alienist (Character; Neutral)
  39. Visions of the Future's Past (Event; Neutral)
  40. Will of Azathoth, The Edicts of Madness (Support; Neutral)
  41. Eidolon (Event; Neutral)
  42. Norman Blackwood, Sr. Crafty Veteran (Character; The Agency)
  43. Franklin Automobile (Support; The Agency)
  44. Castro, Immensely Aged Mestizo (Character; Cthulhu)
  45. Cyclopean Stone, Horrifying Monolith (Support; Cthulhu)
  46. Sieur Piriou Louis, Hastur's Huntsman (Character; Hastur)
  47. The Tattered Cloak, Regalia Dementia (Support; Hastur)
  48. Andrew-Chapman, Boon Companion (Character; Miskatonic University)
  49. Nepenthe (Support; Miskatonic University)
  50. Slenderman, Feaster Upon the Innocent (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  51. The Festival, Bringer of Strange Joy (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  52. B. Ramsdale Brown, Well Connected (Character; Silver Twilight)
  53. The Black Stone, Leyline Nexus (Support; Silver Twilight)
  54. Arsène Renard, Gentleman Thief (Character; Syndicate)
  55. Burglar Tools (Support; Syndicate)

Terror in Venice

2013, 55 cards

  1. Abbess Allegria Di Biase, Most Blessed (Character; The Agency)
  2. Pious Carabiniere (Character; The Agency)
  3. Church Operative (Character; The Agency)
  4. San Marco Basilica, The Church of Gold (Support; The Agency)
  5. The Iron Cross, Symbol of Authority (Support; The Agency)
  6. Hand of Fate (Event; The Agency)
  7. Don Lagorio, Secret Servant (Character; Cthulhu)
  8. Poleman (Character; Cthulhu)
  9. San Giorgio in Alga, No Longer Abandoned (Support; Cthulhu)
  10. Flooded Vault (Support; Cthulhu)
  11. Swimming in the Deep (Event; Cthulhu)
  12. Solar Eclipse (Event; Cthulhu)
  13. Doctor Lomboso, Finder of Madness (Character; Hastur)
  14. Cunning Mascheraro (Character; Hastur)
  15. San Servolo, Refuge from Reality (Support; Hastur)
  16. Return to Carcosa (Event; Hastur)
  17. At Night they Roam (Event; Hastur)
  18. The Unspeakable Oath (Event; Hastur)
  19. Bruno Carioli, Hatching a Plan (Character; Miskatonic University)
  20. Urban Trailblazer (Character; Miskatonic University)
  21. Puzzled Exchange Student (Character; Miskatonic University)
  22. Medico Della Peste (Support; Miskatonic University)
  23. Desperate Search (Event; Miskatonic University)
  24. Mass Hysteria (Conspiracy; Neutral)
  25. Death Comes for All (Conspiracy; Neutral)
  26. Purity of Purpose (Conspiracy; Neutral)
  27. The Guardian (Conspiracy; Neutral)
  28. Before the Fast (Conspiracy; Neutral)
  29. Unending Festivities (Conspiracy; Neutral)
  30. The Mage's Machinations (Conspiracy; Neutral)
  31. The Supernal Prism, Holy Shard (Support; Neutral)
  32. The Plague Stone, Sweet Release (Support; Neutral)
  33. Malocchio, An Eye for Death (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  34. Savio Corvi, Dark Lurker (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  35. Ghoulish Scavenger (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  36. Baleful Reveler (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  37. Dark Rebirth (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  38. Untimely Burial (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  39. Elisabetta Magro, High Servant of the Order (Character; Silver Twilight)
  40. Guardian of Dawn (Character; Silver Twilight)
  41. Zanni (Character; Silver Twilight)
  42. Hermetic Seal (Support; Silver Twilight)
  43. Volto (Support; Silver Twilight)
  44. Look to the Future! (Event; Silver Twilight)
  45. Cascio Di Boerio, Don Morto (Character; Syndicate)
  46. Restless Caporione (Character; Syndicate)
  47. Carnevale Sentinel (Character; Syndicate)
  48. Bauta (Support; Syndicate)
  49. The Gold Pocket Watch, Stealing Time (Support; Syndicate)
  50. Early Start (Event; Syndicate)
  51. Tenebrous Nightgaunt (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  52. Salvatore Neri, Master of Illusion (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  53. Devious Nightgaunt (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  54. The Black (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  55. Fleeting Guise (Event; Yog-Sothoth)

Denizens of the Underworld

2013, 55 cards

  1. Naomi O'Bannion, Ruthless Tactician (Character; Syndicate)
  2. Melisande LeBeau, Playing with Fire (Character; Syndicate)
  3. O'Bannion's Inner Council, Blood is Thicker (Character; Syndicate)
  4. Tommy Malloy, "The Big Palooka" (Character; Syndicate)
  5. Lena Di Boerio, Occult Consultant (Character; Syndicate)
  6. Jacob Finnegan, In Over His Head (Character; Syndicate)
  7. Henry Knoll, A Real Wiseguy (Character; Syndicate)
  8. Martin Herring, "Quick Kip" (Character; Syndicate)
  9. Isaac Miles, Willing to Lend an Ear (Character; Syndicate)
  10. Clover Club High Roller (Character; Syndicate)
  11. Clover Club Ringer (Character; Syndicate)
  12. Clover Club Pit Boss (Character; Syndicate)
  13. Numbers Runner (Character; Syndicate)
  14. Fall Guy (Character; Syndicate)
  15. Marine Salvager (Character; Syndicate)
  16. Cat Burglar (Character; Syndicate)
  17. Crooked Attorney (Character; Syndicate)
  18. Hatchet Man (Character; Syndicate)
  19. Wheelman (Character; Syndicate)
  20. The Clover Club, Den of Iniquity (Support; Syndicate)
  21. Danny O'Bannion's Office, "Now Hiring" (Support; Syndicate)
  22. Under Cover of Darkness (Support; Syndicate)
  23. House Advantage (Support; Syndicate)
  24. City Map (Support; Syndicate)
  25. Concrete and Chains (Support; Syndicate)
  26. Indebted (Support; Syndicate)
  27. Length of Pipe (Support; Syndicate)
  28. La Bella Luna, Seedy Restaurant (Support; Syndicate)
  29. Made Man (Support; Syndicate)
  30. Immurement (Event; Syndicate)
  31. On the Lam (Event; Syndicate)
  32. Reallocate (Event; Syndicate)
  33. Forced Compliance (Event; Syndicate)
  34. Pay Tribute (Event; Syndicate)
  35. Turf War (Event; Syndicate)
  36. Roll the Dice (Event; Syndicate)
  37. A Cunning Ruse (Conspiracy; Syndicate)
  38. Wandering Tinker (Character; Neutral)
  39. Zstylzhemgni, Matriarch of Swarms (Character; Neutral)
  40. Sarnath, Too Proud (Support; Neutral)
  41. Outmaneuvered (Event; Neutral)
  42. Special Agent Callahan, Always Gets His Man (Character; The Agency)
  43. Deep Undercover (Event; The Agency)
  44. Robert Friendly, Disgruntled Dockworker (Character; Cthulhu)
  45. Calculated Mutation (Event; Cthulhu)
  46. Jeff Harson, Manic Musician (Character; Hastur)
  47. Hali's Directive (Event; Hastur)
  48. Elijah Conrad, Distinguished Alumnus (Character; Miskatonic University)
  49. Strategic Planning (Event; Miskatonic University)
  50. Bill Strauss, Blessed of Shub-Niggurath (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  51. Ambush (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  52. Josef Meiger, Metaphysicist (Character; Silver Twilight)
  53. Hoarding Knowledge (Event; Silver Twilight)
  54. Sebastion Blake, Attuned to the Universe (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  55. Mind Swap (Event; Yog-Sothoth)

The Sleeper Below

2014, 55 cards

  1. Initiate of Dagon (Character; Cthulhu)
  2. Watcher of Signs (Character; Cthulhu)
  3. Gustaf Johansen, The Harbinger (Character; Cthulhu)
  4. Mariner (Character; Cthulhu)
  5. Black Winged One (Character; Cthulhu)
  6. Obsessive Zealot (Character; Cthulhu)
  7. Ian Hardaway, Uncanny Presence (Character; Cthulhu)
  8. Akhlut (Character; Cthulhu)
  9. Asuilaak, Fallen Angakkuq (Character; Cthulhu)
  10. Bone Sculptor (Character; Cthulhu)
  11. Dwellers Below (Character; Cthulhu)
  12. Functional Psychopath (Character; Cthulhu)
  13. Henry Anthony Wilcox, Neurotic Genius (Character; Cthulhu)
  14. Ruinous Star Spawn (Character; Cthulhu)
  15. Fiona Day, Driven Visionary (Character; Cthulhu)
  16. Hunting Wendigo (Character; Cthulhu)
  17. Followers of R'lyeh, Growing in Number (Character; Cthulhu)
  18. Kassogtha, Leviathan of Disease (Character; Cthulhu)
  19. Cthulhu, The Sleeper Below (Character; Cthulhu)
  20. Horrific Statuette (Support; Cthulhu)
  21. Tidal Pool (Support; Cthulhu)
  22. Twisted Acropolis (Support; Cthulhu)
  23. Seven Cryptical Books of Hsaan, Secrets of the Other Gods (Support; Cthulhu)
  24. Summon the Sleeper (Support; Cthulhu)
  25. Unaussprelichen Kulten, The Sussex Manuscript (Support; Cthulhu)
  26. 7 Thomas Street, The Fleur-de-Lys Building (Support; Cthulhu)
  27. Irem, The City of Pillars (Support; Cthulhu)
  28. Aurora Borealis (Event; Cthulhu)
  29. Black Seas of Infinity (Event; Cthulhu)
  30. Cthulhu Fhtagn! (Event; Cthulhu)
  31. Foul Induction (Event; Cthulhu)
  32. Polar Vortex (Event; Cthulhu)
  33. The Stars are Right (Event; Cthulhu)
  34. From the Depths (Event; Cthulhu)
  35. Raising of the Great Old Ones (Conspiracy; Cthulhu)
  36. Kelly McIlhenney, The Lure (Character; Neutral)
  37. Even Death May Die (Support; Neutral)
  38. Ancestral Fear (Event; Neutral)
  39. Inspector John Legrasse, Following the Clues (Character; The Agency)
  40. The Peel Association, Protecting Mankind (Character; The Agency)
  41. Ardois-Bonnot, The Surrealist (Character; Hastur)
  42. Sons of Carcosa, Servants to the King (Character; Hastur)
  43. Professor William Webb, Finder of Hidden Connections (Character; Miskatonic University)
  44. US Archaeological Society, Lifting the Veil (Character; Miskatonic University)
  45. Budding Dark Young (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  46. The Shepherds, Mother’s Helping Hands (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  47. Theosophist (Character; Silver Twilight)
  48. Professor George Angell, Studied and Ready (Character; Silver Twilight)
  49. H.O.S.T. The Inner Circle (Character; Silver Twilight)
  50. The Tablets of Nhing, Lost Knowledge (Support; Silver Twilight)
  51. Calling The Darkness (Event; Silver Twilight)
  52. St. Claire, As Rich as a Queen (Character; Syndicate)
  53. Hip Sing Tong, Fraternal Brotherhood (Character; Syndicate)
  54. Nephren-Ka, The Black Pharaoh (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  55. Guardians of the Gate, Protectors of the Portal (Character; Yog-Sothoth)

For the Greater Good

2014, 55 cards

  1. Interrogator (Character; The Agency)
  2. Supernatural Investigator (Character; The Agency)
  3. Overworked Bureaucrat (Character; The Agency)
  4. Officer Gibson, Stalwart and Steadfast (Character; The Agency)
  5. Relentless Stalker (Character; The Agency)
  6. Dr. Christine Marie, Forensic Psychologist (Character; The Agency)
  7. Intelligence Agent (Character; The Agency)
  8. King John Overburdened Detective (Character; The Agency)
  9. Keen-eyed Detective (Character; The Agency)
  10. Warrant Officer (Character; The Agency)
  11. Peerless Tracker (Character; The Agency)
  12. Grete Wagner-Blackwood The Purifier (Character; The Agency)
  13. Crooked Cop (Character; The Agency)
  14. Veteran Monster Hunter (Character; The Agency)
  15. Attaché (Character; The Agency)
  16. Lt. Wilson Stewart Logistical Genius (Character; The Agency)
  17. Karl Heinrich Haunted Commander (Character; The Agency)
  18. General Edward Irving Fearless Leader (Character; The Agency)
  19. Hunters of Ardenne For the Greater Good (Character; The Agency)
  20. The Foundation Shield of Humanity (Character; The Agency)
  21. Snowmobile (Support; The Agency)
  22. By the Book (Support; The Agency)
  23. Under Surveillance (Support; The Agency)
  24. St. Hubert's Key Cleansing Fire (Support; The Agency)
  25. Armored Car (Support; The Agency)
  26. Motor Pool (Support; The Agency)
  27. Red Tape (Support; The Agency)
  28. Bending the Rules (Event; The Agency)
  29. Mano-a-Mano (Event; The Agency)
  30. All-Points-Bulletin (Event; The Agency)
  31. Raid! (Event; The Agency)
  32. The Usual Suspects (Conspiracy; The Agency)
  33. The Great Work (Conspiracy; The Agency)
  34. The Anderson Building (Conspiracy; The Agency)
  35. The Blackwood Initiative (Conspiracy; The Agency)
  36. Iod The Hunter of Souls (Character; Neutral)
  37. Tommy Gun (Support; Neutral)
  38. Ice Storm (Event; Neutral)
  39. Caleb Orison Spreading the Word (Character; Cthulhu)
  40. Non-Euclidean Geometry (Support; Cthulhu)
  41. Bedlam Boys (Character; Hastur)
  42. Under the Yellow Sign (Support; Hastur)
  43. Jeremiah Kirby Arctic Archaeologist (Character; Miskatonic University)
  44. Excavation Site (Support; Miskatonic University)
  45. Restless Mi-Go (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  46. Lit by Death-Fire (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  47. Sgt. Logan Terry The Man on the Inside (Character; Silver Twilight)
  48. John Scott Noble Philosopher (Character; Silver Twilight)
  49. August Lindquist Elegant and Elusive (Character; Silver Twilight)
  50. Deciphered Reality (Support; Silver Twilight)
  51. Sigil of Doom (Support; Silver Twilight)
  52. Escaped Convict (Character; Syndicate)
  53. On the Take (Support; Syndicate)
  54. Obsessive Elder Thing (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  55. Tear in Time (Support; Yog-Sothoth)

The Thousand Young

2015, 55 cards

  1. Handmaid (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  2. Ambushing Ghoul (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  3. Restless Dead (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  4. Jean Deveraeux, Shadow Mage (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  5. Bayou Shaman (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  6. Mi-Go Worker (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  7. Frenzied Ghoul (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  8. Keelut (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  9. Baka (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  10. Baleful Dark Young (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  11. Elspeth Baudin Discerning and Discriminating (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  12. René Bonvillain, Rougarou (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  13. Rend, Tattered Ghoul (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  14. Marsh Gug (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  15. Smoke Serpent (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  16. Mysterious Philanthropist (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  17. Lady Esprit, Dangerous Bokor (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  18. Xlizxcte-Oonth, Lord of the Mi-Go (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  19. Baron Samedi, Lord of the Cemetery (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  20. Yeb, Blasphemy in the Night Sky (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  21. Ancient Chthonian, Father of Worms (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  22. Dark Sargassum (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  23. Shub-Niggurath, The Dark Mother (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  24. Ghoul Tunnels (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  25. The Black Goat's Milk (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  26. French Quarter, Vieux Carré (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  27. Gris-gris (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  28. The Grim Monolith, Last Landmark (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  29. Favor of Eshu, Dark Blessing (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  30. Twisted Consecration (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  31. Sudden Cyclone (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  32. Iä! Iä! (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  33. Birthing a Thousand Young (Conspiracy; Shub-Niggurath)
  34. Pervasive Toxemia (Conspiracy; Shub-Niggurath)
  35. Ankou, Death's Hand (Character; Neutral)
  36. Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos (Character; Neutral)
  37. The Archmage's Attaché, Ensorcelled Valise (Support; Neutral)
  38. Gregory Lean, Finder of Lost Things (Character; The Agency)
  39. Faubourg Marigny, Elysian Fields (Support; The Agency)
  40. The Bloody Tongue, The Thing That Howls at the Moon (Character; Cthulhu)
  41. Broadmoor, Out of the Marshes (Support; Cthulhu)
  42. The Thing in the Yellow Mask, The High Priest Not to Be Named (Character; Hastur)
  43. Tremé, Back of Town (Support; Hastur)
  44. Harley Warren, Author of Tales of Terror (Character; Miskatonic University)
  45. Audubon, University District (Support; Miskatonic University)
  46. Lodge Applicant (Character; Silver Twilight)
  47. Thule Zealot (Character; Silver Twilight)
  48. Walter Fitzpatrick, Sinister Messiah (Character; Silver Twilight)
  49. Garden District, Antebellum Wealth (Support; Silver Twilight)
  50. Ritual of Expulsion (Support; Silver Twilight)
  51. Call the Custodes (Conspiracy; Silver Twilight)
  52. Phineas Taylor, Carnival Huckster (Character; Syndicate)
  53. Irish Channel, The River Front (Support; Syndicate)
  54. Kruschtya Equation, Mathematical Formula of the Gods (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  55. 9th Ward, By the Water (Support; Yog-Sothoth)

The Mark of Madness

2015, 55 cards

  1. Starving Artist (Character; Hastur)
  2. Moon Worshiper (Character; Hastur)
  3. Quixotic Poet (Character; Hastur)
  4. Brother of the Black Lotus (Character; Hastur)
  5. Starry-Eyed Adherent (Character; Hastur)
  6. Surrealist (Character; Hastur)
  7. Swift Byakhee (Character; Hastur)
  8. Unhinged Laborer (Character; Hastur)
  9. Demented Composer (Character; Hastur)
  10. Patron of the Arts (Character; Hastur)
  11. Mad Maudlin, Touched (Character; Hastur)
  12. Tom O'Bedlam, Well-Adjusted Sociopath (Character; Hastur)
  13. Erich Zann, Bringer of Music (Character; Hastur)
  14. Benjamin Herriot, A Unique Perspective (Character; Hastur)
  15. Daughter of Atlach-Nacha (Character; Hastur)
  16. A Scheme of Byakhees (Character; Hastur)
  17. Alila, Queen of Perdition (Character; Hastur)
  18. Tru'nembra, The Angel of Music (Character; Hastur)
  19. Hastur, He Who Is Not To Be Named (Character; Hastur)
  20. Straightjacket (Support; Hastur)
  21. Catacombs de Paris, Illuminated Labyrinth (Support; Hastur)
  22. Fregoli Delusion (Support; Hastur)
  23. The Dikes of Ys, Holding Back the Tides (Support; Hastur)
  24. Unspeakable Promise (Support; Hastur)
  25. Drawing the Sign, Mark of Madness (Support; Hastur)
  26. Forbidden Sutra, Tainted and Twisted (Support; Hastur)
  27. Corruption of Enlightenment (Event; Hastur)
  28. The Dance of the Yellow King (Event; Hastur)
  29. Acute Melancholia (Event; Hastur)
  30. Lure of the Moon (Event; Hastur)
  31. Cassilda's Song (Event; Hastur)
  32. Induce Terror (Event; Hastur)
  33. The Door that will not Close (Conspiracy; Hastur)
  34. Whispers of Aoide (Conspiracy; Hastur)
  35. Opening Night (Conspiracy; Hastur)
  36. The Supplicant, True Believer (Character; Neutral)
  37. The Archmage, Arcanis, Master of the Arcane Arts (Character; Neutral)
  38. Thaumaturgical Insight (Event; Neutral)
  39. Jean-Jacques Minot, Obsessive Tactician (Character; The Agency)
  40. Ward of Protection (Support; The Agency)
  41. Mandy Aurel, An Old Soul (Character; Cthulhu)
  42. Striking Tentacle (Event; Cthulhu)
  43. Walter Gilman, Resister of Temptation (Character; Miskatonic University)
  44. Black Book of Azathoth, a Cost (Support; Miskatonic University)
  45. Maria Suleman, Mother of Many (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  46. The Thousand (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  47. Argent Adept (Character; Silver Twilight)
  48. Monsieur Lamar, Often Lucid (Character; Silver Twilight)
  49. Dmitri Konstantinov, Taking the Long View (Character; Silver Twilight)
  50. Enchanted Gargoyle (Support; Silver Twilight)
  51. Invocation of the Abyss (Event; Silver Twilight)
  52. Parrain François, Paranoid and Violent (Character; Syndicate)
  53. Milieu Enforcement (Support; Syndicate)
  54. La Comtesse, Subverter of Plans (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  55. Seer of the Gate (Character; Yog-Sothoth)

Summons of the Deep

120 cards

The Spawn of the Sleeper


  1. Government Exorcist (Character; The Agency)
  2. Interrogation Center (Support; The Agency)
  3. Dr. Carson, Fringe Psychologist (Character; Miskatonic University)
  4. Rabbit's Foot (Support; Miskatonic University)
  5. Sleeping Pills (Support; Miskatonic University)
  6. Trent Dixon, Workaholic (Character; Syndicate)
  7. Underground Asylum (Support; Syndicate)
  8. Emerging Deep One (Character; Cthulhu)
  9. Called by Azathoth (Support; Cthulhu)
  10. Erich Zann, Strange Virtuoso (Character; Hastur)
  11. Spawn of the Sleeper (Event; Hastur)
  12. Terrifying Visage (Support; Hastur)
  13. Bloodthirsty Zealot (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  14. Touched with Madness (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  15. Grim Wraith (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  16. The Black Goat's Rage (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  17. Julia Brown, Insomniac (Character; Neutral)
  18. Those Without Faces (Character; Neutral)
  19. Sleepless Nights (Event; Neutral)
  20. The Underwater Conspiracy (Conspiracy; Neutral)

The Horror Beneath the Surface


  1. Marshall Greene, Too Old For This... (Character; The Agency)
  2. Hand Restraints (Support; The Agency)
  3. Hapless Graduate Student (Character; Miskatonic University)
  4. Scholarly Plagiarist (Character; Miskatonic University)
  5. Chess Prodigy (Character; Miskatonic University)
  6. Fugitive Scientist (Character; Syndicate)
  7. Vengeful Hit (Event; Syndicate)
  8. Arkham Advertiser Archives (Support; Syndicate)
  9. Silver Twilight Temptress (Character; Cthulhu)
  10. A Single Path (Event; Cthulhu)
  11. Wandering Inmate (Character; Hastur)
  12. Local Brew (Support; Hastur)
  13. Unfathomable Elder Thing (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  14. Book of Eibon, Mind Bending Revelations (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  15. Mind Eater (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  16. Under the Porch (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  17. Tithe Collector (Character; Neutral)
  18. Beneath the Surface, Eureka! (Event; Neutral)
  19. With a Fine Toothed Comb (Event; Neutral)
  20. The Endless Investigation (Conspiracy; Neutral)

The Antediluvian Dreams

  1. Repo Man (Character; The Agency)
  2. Dynamite (Support; The Agency)
  3. Howard Ludvinski, Visiting Artist (Character; Miskatonic University)
  4. Academic Obfuscation (Support; Miskatonic University)
  5. Brazen Hoodlum (Character; Syndicate)
  6. Blackball Jim, Pool Hustler (Character; Syndicate)
  7. Vengeful Mob (Event; Syndicate)
  8. Nocturnal Scavenger (Character; Cthulhu)
  9. Muddy Waters (Support; Cthulhu)
  10. Long-Dead Prince, Ancient Royalty (Character; Hastur)
  11. Infernal Obsession (Support; Hastur)
  12. The Sleepwalker, Trapped by Nightmare (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  13. Across Dimensions (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  14. Gibbering Soul (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  15. Ghoulish Thrill Seeker (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  16. Eat the Dead (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  17. The Cornered Man, "Like an Animal" (Character; Neutral)
  18. Secret Stiletto (Support; Neutral)
  19. Antediluvian Dreams (Event; Neutral)
  20. Ask Questions Later (Conspiracy; Neutral)

The Terror of the Tides

  1. Agency Groundskeeper (Character; The Agency)
  2. A Call for Help (Event; The Agency)
  3. Shortsighted Librarian (Character; Miskatonic University)
  4. Pagan Hall, Science Department (Support; Miskatonic University)
  5. Arcane Grifter (Character; Syndicate)
  6. Midnight Alley, No Shelter from the Storm (Support; Syndicate)
  7. The Terror of the Tides (Character; Cthulhu)
  8. Bite Marks (Support; Cthulhu)
  9. Stealthy Byakhee (Character; Hastur)
  10. Coffee House (Support; Hastur)
  11. Shadow Sorceress (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  12. Path of Blood (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  13. Dimensional Worm (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  14. Summoning Circle (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  15. Descendant of Eibon, No Shelter from the Storm (Character; Neutral)
  16. Clever Zoog (Character; Neutral)
  17. Struggling Artist (Character; Neutral)
  18. Total Eclipse (Event; Neutral)
  19. Stealing the Glory (Event; Neutral)
  20. Fountain of Youth (Conspiracy; Neutral)

The Thing from the Shore

  1. Unorthodox Psychologist (Character; The Agency)
  2. Endless Interrogation (Event; The Agency)
  3. Literature Professor (Character; Miskatonic University)
  4. Summer Classes (Event; Miskatonic University)
  5. Friend of the Family (Character; Syndicate)
  6. Tear Gas (Event; Syndicate)
  7. The Thing from the Shore (Character; Cthulhu)
  8. Communal Shower (Support; Cthulhu)
  9. Shadow Company, Ghastly Regiment (Character; Hastur)
  10. Vaporous Isle (Support; Hastur)
  11. Nebulous Ooze (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  12. Domestic Sacrifice (Event; Yog-Sothoth)
  13. Insect Swarm (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  14. Open Grave (Support; Shub-Niggurath)
  15. Samantha Grace, Incompetent Secretary (Character; Neutral)
  16. Campaign Chief (Character; Neutral)
  17. Obsessive Inmate (Character; Neutral)
  18. Parallel Universe (Support; Neutral)
  19. The Spawn of Madness (Event; Neutral)
  20. Unorthodox Tactics (Conspiracy; Neutral)

The Path to Y'ha-nthlei

  1. Confident Rookie (Character; The Agency)
  2. Military Bike (Support; The Agency)
  3. Field Researcher (Character; Miskatonic University)
  4. Changing the Names (Event; Miskatonic University)
  5. Expendable Muscle (Character; Syndicate)
  6. False Papers (Support; Syndicate)
  7. Julia Brown, Oddly Amphibious (Character; Cthulhu)
  8. Eye of the Deep (Event; Cthulhu)
  9. Scalethorn Asylum, Amphibious Fort (Support; Cthulh)
  10. The Thing Behind You, Turn around! (Character; Hastur)
  11. Brain Transplant (Event; Hastu)
  12. Hideous Guardian (Character; Yog-Sothoth)
  13. Idol of the Abomination (Support; Yog-Sothoth)
  14. Binding Worm (Character; Shub-Niggurath)
  15. Unspeakable Transformation (Event; Shub-Niggurath)
  16. Old Sea Dog (Character; Neutral)
  17. Conspiracy Theorist (Character; Neutral)
  18. Strange Delusions (Support; Neutral)
  19. Foiled! (Support; Neutral)
  20. The Path to Y'ha-nthlei (Conspiracy; Neutral)


120 cards

Twilight Horror

In Memory of Day

In the Dread of Night

Search for the Silver Key

Sleep of the Dead

Journey to Unknown Kadath

The Yuggoth Contract

120 cards

Whispers in the Dark

Murmurs of Evil

The Spoken Covenant

The Wailer Below

Screams from Within

The Cacophony

The Rituals of the Order

120 cards

The Twilight Beckons

Perilous Trials

Initiations of the Favored

Aspirations of Ascension

The Gleaming Spiral

That Which Consumes

Forgotten Lore

120 cards

At the Mountains of Madness

Ancient Horrors

Spawn of Madness

Kingsport Dreams

Conspiracies of Chaos

Dunwich Denizens

Ancient Relics

128 cards

The Shifting Sands

Curse of the Jade Emperor

The Breathing Jungle

Never Night

Into Tartarus

Shadow of the Monolith


120 cards

Written and Bound

Words of Power

Ebla Restored

Lost Rites

The Unspeakable Pages

Touched by the Abyss


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