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I am not defenceless, little ones! Trapped, true, but NOT defenceless!
~ Cgfthgnm'o'th , EXP: The Burrowers Beneath

This subject contains information from the Expanded Cthulhu Mythos, and not based on H.P. Lovecraft's works directly. Cgfthgnm'o'th was a creature who featured in Brian Lumley's 1975 Mythos novel The Burrowers Beneath.


A creature of gargantuan proportions, Cgfthgnm'o'th's actual appearance was unknown, but from underground soundings conducted on the area where it's body dissolved was estimated to have been nearly a quarter of a mile long and a third that distance in width. It was known to have been capable of extruding enormous grey tentacles with crimson mouths at the tips, which it used to consume any humans unfortunate enough to come within its reach.


When the Wilmarth Foundation, a group of humans with knowledge of the Cthulhu Cycle Deities and who were dedicated to destroying them, launched the Great Britain Project, their telepaths located Cgfthgnm'o'th in an undisclosed locale beneath the British countryside, possibly somewhere in Scotland. Cgfthgnm'o'th, a child of Ubbo-Sathla and one of the lesser minions of the Great Old Ones who appeared to be directly affiliated with Cthulhu himself, had been imprisoned there aeons ago by the Elder Gods, who held it there through the use of their Star Stones.

The Wilmarth Foundation planned to use an enormous modified drilling rig with an explosive-tipped harpoon to reach and destroy the creature deep in it's subterranean lair and, although their plan was ultimately successful, lost a great deal of their equipment and a number of their personnel during the operation, including one of their valuable telepaths, a man named Gordon Finch.

Upon its demise Cgfthgnm'o'th, like many of the Cthulhu Mythos creatures, rapidly decomposed into little more than a foul-smelling putrescent goo.


Cgfthgnm'o'th possessed several powers which it was able to use despite the fact that it was held captive in the web of Star Stones left behind by the Elder Gods. These powers included:

Mental Strength[]

  • It was able to possess psychic Gordon Finch, an act which ultimately turned the poor man into a babbling lunatic. It also demonstrated an extremely powerful "psychic shriek," which was strong enough to incapacitate even mildly-receptive individuals, and send the residents of local lunatic asylums into a frenzy. 

Elemental Mastery[]

  • Cgfthgnm'o'th showed the ability to summon a mighty storm when under the Foundation's attack, including the power to call down highly-accurate lightning strikes upon the humans.

Tentacle Extrusion[]

  • As stated above, the thing could extend tentacles from its body which were equipped with fang-filled maws at the tips. The maximum number and length of tentacles that Cgfthgnm'o'th was capable of producing is unknown. 

Earthquake Generation (possibly)[]

  • During the creature's death-throes, locations across the whole country reported unusual seismic occurrences, although it is possible that some of these were simply other Cthonic beasts reacting in sympathetic agony to the destruction of one of their kin.


  • Cgfthgnm'o'th is not actually this monster's name, merely the closest that humans can translate it as.