Chaos (Dynamite Entertainment)

Chaos is a Lovecraftian demonic god in the fictional universe of the Vampirella comic book by Warren Publishing, Harris Comics, and now Dynamite Entertainment.


The Mad God Chaos and its forces waged war with the armies of the God of Order in Earth's prehistory. With its armies scattered Chaos and its seven demonic servants were banished to the Nether-Void, imprisoned within that dimension. Even so it continues its eons long conflict with the God of Order.

Mortals that look upon its face die screaming and rapidly shrivel into a corpse. Only powerful supernatural beings like Vampirella or Dracula are able to see its face without dying. His servants include the Blood Red Queen of Hearts, Dracula and the Earth's Cult of Chaos which makes sacrifices to him. The cult uses the Crimson Chronicles (the "Bible" of Chaos) for power and to spread their evil.


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