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🐙 The Chaos Spawn are abominations created by the Chaos Gods in the fictional universe of the Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy tabletop miniature wargames by Games Workshop.


Chaos Spawn all started out as sentient beings. Individuals who pledged to serve Chaos whose mutations eventually devolved them into insane abominations. Each and every one of them did something to please their god, and were rewarded with a Mark of Chaos, which are spiritual and physical changes bestowed upon them by their gods. A tiny few are successful enough that they ascend to the rank of Daemon Prince. Many will fall in battle or to a treacherous underling before they get that far. Then there are those whom end up being transformed into Chaos Spawn. Usually those who become Chaos Spawn are Champions who have served their Gods for a long time and failed to impress them though to be given ascenscion to daemonhood, and eventually the undergo one mutation too many. Those Champions who spectacularly fail their gods also become Chaos Spawn, though in their cases its the final punishment. Chaos Spawn are incredibly resilient and physically are very powerful, but they are no longer self-aware and lack mental powers.