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Charles Dodgson is a fictional character loosely based on the historical figure Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (who is better known as Lewis Carroll), the the writer of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and the "Through the Looking Glass". In the fictional Grimm Fairy Tales universe, he first appeared in 2008 in issue #6 of the 1st volume of Grimm Fairy Tales: Return to Wonderland. The character was created by Joe Tyler, Raven Gregory, & Ralph Tedesco.


Charles Dodgson is a wealthy man who has been involved with Wonderland for over a century. Born in the early 19th century, he contracted an incurable disease. To prevent his death, he made a pact with the Jabberwocky. In exchange for the restoration of his youth and health, making him immortal, he sacrificed humans to Wonderland. Usually children and the majority of them having come from his extended family.

During the early 21st century, guilt overwhelmed Charles as he witnessed the devastation that Wonderland inflicted on the real world. Charles went into Wonderland, committing suicide by provoking Johnny Liddle into murdering him.

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