Lovecraft circle Seal Charles le Sorcier is an Alchemist and antagonist in The Alchemist. After his father was wrongfully murdered by the ancestor oF Count Antoine de C-, he cursed the family line, stating that no member in Comte de C- bloodline would be any older than 32.

Charles le Sorcier then drank an elixir of eternal life and set up a lab in the hidden confines of the castle ruins where de C- lived. He then carried out the curse by personally murdering each male in the lineage on or before the age of 32. The method of assassination varied between poison, arrows, to dropping a dislodged stone.

Count Antoine de C-, would have been the last member of the line to be assassinated by le Sorcier if he were to be successful. However he ended up botching the assassination attempt and ended up being burned alive by Count Antoine. Despite being charred beyond recognition, le Sorcier is presumably still alive within the ruins as the elixir of eternal life would have saved him.


It is unknown if he is related to Hippolyte Le Sorcier, ancestor of Clark Ashton Smith in the family tree of Azathoth since the Count Antoine de C was anaware of Charles having descendants.

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