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Charlie Kane, the Politician, is a fictional character created by Fantasy Flight Games for inclusion in their Arkham Horror Files line.

Overview Edit

Charlie Kane is a man on a mission, a politician determined to clean up Arkham. Like many politicians, he made whatever promises he needed to to get elected, but unlike most, he actually did what he could to help the city once he came to power. Charlie has had to do things that he doesn’t like to think about, but all of his actions have most definitely been for the public good.

Being a man with his finger on the pulse, Charlie's contacts slowly began to feed him the parts of a sinister picture in Arkham, one which he didn’t like one bit. However, he couldn’t tell anybody about it; nobody would believe him for one thing, and for another he couldn’t be causing panic in the streets. So, gathering his meagre evidence together, Charlie went to see an old acquaintance, Professor Grant, at Miskatonic University.

Standing dumbfounded over Professor Grant's horribly mutilated corpse in a university office whose walls were stained crimson, Charlie took his first steps down the road to ridding the streets of whatever threat has befallen them, whatever the cost.

Behind the Mythos Edit

Whilst the character of Charlie Kane was originally created by Fantasy Flight as an Investigator for inclusion in the Second Edition of Arkham Horror, he has since made appearances in their other product lines, including Eldritch Horror and the Arkham Horror Premium Figures line (all EXP).

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