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Words could not adequately convey the repulsiveness of the thing. It was endowed with a trunk and great, uneven ears, and two enormous tusks protruded from the corners of its mouth. But it was not an elephant. Indeed, its resemblace to an actual elephant was, at best, sporadic and superficial, despite certain unmistakable points of similarity. The ears were webbed and tentacled, the trunk terminated in a huge flaring disk at least a foot in diameter, and the tusks, which intertwined and interlocked at the base of the statue, were as translucent as rock crystal.
~ Frank Belknap Long , The Horror from the Hills

This subject contains information from the "Lovecraft Circle" Myth Cycles, and while guided by HPL are not based on his work alone. Chaugnar Faugn (Horror from the Hills) is a vampiric elephant-like humanoid horror with a leech-like mouth on the end of his trunk. When he hungers, Chaugnar moves very quickly for his size and uses his trunk to drain the blood from his victims, hence his nickname, "The Feeder".


An impossibly ancient being, Chaugnar Faugn originates from a higher dimension and came to Earth over two billion years ago (CIRCLE: The Horror from the Hills). Before Earth, it dwelt in another world, inside a glowing cone at the edge of a crater, and had a different form, with ropy arms that extended down to the pools of lava below to suck nutrients while the creature slept and dreamed (CIRCLE: "When Chaugnar Wakes").

Chaugnar's Earth form resembles a bipedal reptilian elephant. Its long flexible proboscis ends in a disk-shaped mouth like a lamprey's, which is used to suck its prey's blood. Its ears are webbed and tentacled, its hands are human-like, and its long interlocked tusks are crystalline and translucent. The alien's body is made of an unknown material which is neither organic nor mineral, but allows it to easily pass off as a stone statue by remaining immobile. (CIRCLE: The Horror from the Hills)

Chaugnar can change its own size at will, but tends to become less solid when it increases. Its body and footprints can also give off a phosphorescent glow. Its actual form is unguessable by humans, given its "hyperdimensional" nature. The creatures referred to as the Brothers of Chaugnar Faugn are actually parts of its body which operate as individuals, but are linked to Chaugnar in a way that tridimensional beings cannot see. Despite this, Chaugnar's Brothers function as mentally distinct beings, capable of conversing with Chaugnar (by "thought-transference") and even disagreeing with it. (CIRCLE: The Horror from the Hills)

Chaugnar and its Brothers can appear to humans in dreams, and send telepathic messages (CIRCLE: The Horror from the Hills, "When Chaugnar Wakes"). Those unfortunate enough to be captured by Chaugnar Faugn meet a horrible end, as the deity is a messy eater who not only sucks blood, but also mutilates the bodies of its prey, destroying their faces and rendering their corpses unrecognizable. Conversely, victims who are kept alive by Chaugnar so that it can feed on them repeatedly will experience a gradual transformation, as their facial features deform, the nose and the ears become grotesquely elongated, and the psychic connection develops to such an extent that Chaugnar can influence them and even kill them by telepathy if it chooses to. (CIRCLE: The Horror from the Hills)

Chaugnar's great antiquity allows it to resist even the destructive ray of Roger Little's entropy-reversing machine for several minutes. Even then, the destruction of Chaugnar's physical form doesn't kill it, but forces it to return to its native dimension. (CIRCLE: The Horror from the Hills)

The cult of Chaugnar Faugn is currently centered on the Plateau of Tsang, and includes faceless yellow creatures as well as human worshipers. Its followers believe that Chaugnar is one with the universe, that it created the universe by separating itself from it, and that it is destined to consume its creation again at the end, devouring even its Brothers in the process. (CIRCLE: The Horror from the Hills)

The Rajah of Jadhore in 1936 claimed that Chaugnar Faugn is the same entity as the Hindu god Ganesha, as well as the prehistoric Tsathoggua. (CIRCLE: "Death Is an Elephant")

The Miri Nigri[]

26 Miri-Nigri

Ryuga Boumera's interpretation of the Miri Nigri

Chaugnar Faugn was also the creator and master of the Miri Nigri, a race of aquatic humanoids who are the progenitors of the horrid Tcho-Tcho People by means of hybridisation with humans.(source?)

The Miri Nigri dwell in the Pyrenees with the Brothers of Chaugnar Faugn, and regularly abduct humans to offer them as food to their masters. They were created by Chaugnar by molding the flesh of Earth native life forms, although what kind of creature they derive from is unknown, with some believing they were made from toads, others favouring swarms of plankton. Whatever the case, the Miri Nigri have no will of their own, and are little more than organic automata animated by the will of Chaugnar. (CIRCLE: The Horror from the Hills)

Behind the Mythos[]

Chaugnar Faugn is often illustrated as looking almost exactly like an anthropomorphic elephant. However, its description in Long's novel makes it clear that it's actually a reptilian creature, and bears only superficial resemblance to an elephant.

George Olshevsky named the nonconvex snub polyhedra after some other Great Old Ones, with the Snub dodecadodecahedron as "Chaugnar faugn".

Chaugnar Faugn is one of the two deities in the Cthulhu Mythos credited with creating the universe, the other being Azathoth. However, there is no indication of whether Chaugnar really did create the universe or whether this is just the belief of its cultists.