This subject contains information from the Expanded Cthulhu Mythos, and not based on H.P. Lovecraft's works directly. Chor-Tal is a deity, possibly a Great Old One from the fiction of Ron Shiflet

The figure stood twice the height of a normal man. Its body seemed to be covered with mottled scales and the thing's legs were as thick as tree trunks. From an oversized head protruded a crown of horns almost a foot in length which almost, but not quite, overshadowed the unnaturally wide mouth, filled with an excessive number of long, dagger-like teeth. Behind the massive musculature of the creature's back were folded, large wings.
~ EXP: Ron Shiflet, "The Isle of Chor-Tal"

In "The Last Laugh" one character implies Chor-Tal is not a Great Old One. However in the story "When In Leng..." there is no distinction like this made and Chor-Tal is mentioned alongside Great Old Ones Dagon and Shub-Niggurath. In "The Isle of Chor-Tal" the deity is imprisoned under a Star-Stone like the Great Old Ones.

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