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Lovecraft circle SealThe Colours Out of Space are planetary viruses present in Lovecraftian mythology. One of them appears in the story The color that fell from the sky.

Description Edit

The Colours Out of Space are manifested as insubstantial bodies composed of an indescribable color, which is propagated by the organisms they contaminate.

Biology Edit

The Colours Out of Space are a type of virus capable of surviving even in difficult space conditions. They spread through the cosmos entering meteorites that, when colliding on a planet, release the virus. When this happens, said pathogenic organism is located at a strategic point and from there it begins to drain all the vital energy from the environment. It is known that an organism is being affected by the virus if it begins to show marks of the same color as the entity on its body. Once it has absorbed enough energy, the colour out of space leaves the planet and takes off into the sky. The lands contaminated by this being are no longer fertile, since, once they are completely drained, all the matter that is in them rots, including inert, such as stones.

Featured appearance Edit

A colour out of space attacked Nahum Gardner's farm, located in the so-called "Cursed Wasteland", which in turn is located near Arkham. The creature arrived in a meteorite and went into a well. From there it poisoned all the vegetation, and even caused the death of the occupants of the farm. When the being left, the place was flooded to build a reservoir.


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