The Comte d'Erlette is a French aristocrat and the author of the "infamous" and "ghastly" Cultes des Goules.

His actual name is Francois-Honore Balfour and his writing of Cultes des Goules is "rather disappointing because its author had possessed more fantasy than knowledge about the hideous things he was writing about. (EXP: "Darkness, My Name Is" [Eddy C. Bertin])

Behind the Mythos Edit

The title of the character inspired by the ancestral form of Mythos author August Derleth's name and a nickname frequently used for him by Lovecraft in his correspondance.

The fictional writer is first mentioned in Robert Bloch's 1935 story "The Suicide in the Study". Howard Phillips Lovecraft uses the name in two 1935 stories, "The Shadow Out of Time" and "Haunter of the Dark". Derleth himself refers to d'Erlette in "The Adventure of the Six Silver Spiders" (1950) and "The Black Island" (1952).

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