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🐙 The Crimson Bat is a Lovecraftian-like demonic entity in the fictional universe of the Runequest pencil-and-paper roleplaying game by Chaosium.


The Crimson Bat is an eldritch monster, a chaos demon which is the terror of Glorantha. It's form is that of a nightmarish giant bat that weights a 1000 tons, is 20 meters long, and has a 90 meter wingspan. Up to 20 priests and 100 initiates accompany it at all times. Covering it's body are 100s of eyes which spray chaotic blood, drenching anyone within a 80 meter radius, weakening their magic. It's fanged maw can unhinge to swallow extremely large targets, coming out of it are three tongues ranging in length from 100-300 meters, and from its lips project 100s of 10 meter long tentacles. It breathes an acidic cloud that reaches a target 50 meters wide up to 750 meters away and emits a chaos scream up to 4 kilometers away that causes insanity.

It radiates lunar energy and has a weekly requirement of 25 bodies. Her scream causes insanity, she belches acid, is escorted by the Bat Guard and Bat Feeders, and squirts chaotic blood from her myriad eyes. The being is linked to the death goddess Mahaquata and in the First Battle of Chaos was ridden by the Red Goddess. Due to the required sacrifices and feedings, wherever the Lunar Empire deploys the Crimson Bat, it depopulates the countryside.