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Xothic Wars is a sci-fi horror tactical miniature board game set over 250 million years ago, before man evolved on Earth. The game is published by GobboTown Games which also produces the miniatures. The game was first released in 2017.


Earth is invaded by Eldritch beings from another dimension, the Xothians. Standing in their way of universal conquest are the world's dominant lifeform, the Elder Things. War erupts between the two for control of the Earth. It's the twilight of the Permian Period, right before the dawn of the Triassic Period, when the greatest mass extinction in Earth's history would occur, known as the "Great Dying".


  • Xothians = At the twilight of the Permian period, in approximately 250 million BC, Earth is invaded by extradimensional aliens, the Xothians. Whom arrive in this universe to establish a power base for Cthulhu, an entity from their home dimension. Cthulhu has the ambition of becoming a higher being. In the dimension he comes from, the higher beings prevented him from joining their ranks. Earth will be turned into a location where Cthulhu will ascend to greater godhood upon the completion of a ritual. The forces of the Xothians are divided into tyrants, priests, greater terror beasts, and lesser terror beasts.
  • Qhrell = The Elder Things were already on Earth when the Xothians invaded the world. Only they stand in the way of their plans and Cthulhu's ascension. A war rages on Earth between the Qhrell and the Xothians. The Qhrell are masters of genetic engineering and possess directed energy weapons. It's a race that is 7 ft tall and can survive freezing temperatures, the vacuum of outer space, and the pressures of the deep ocean. Their army deploys in battle against the Xothians, the Shoggoth.


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