Tiny portraitExtended universe sigil Cthulhu Tales Vol 2 was a monthly comic book series that ran for a year, with stories in the Cthulhu Mythos that were written by various authors. Which was published in 2008-2009 by Boom! Studios.

Issues and StoriesEdit

  • Issue #1: The Eyes of Madness
  • Issue #2: The Hiding Place
  • Issue #3: Alimentary; My Dear Cthulhu
  • Issue #4: In the Pi of the Beholder
  • Issue #5: The Doorman
  • Issue #6: Cthulhu House; A Stranger Comes to Night Hill; One of Those Days
  • Issue #7: Empire of Ants; The Awakening
  • Issue #8: The Elite; Theater of The Empty Eye
  • Issue #9: The Zoo; It Must Have Been Something You Ate; Face of Competition
  • Issue #10: Comeback Tour...
  • Issue #11: Incorporation
  • Issue #12: Arkham SVU; A Whistle For The Deep
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