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[[Category:Cthulhu Mythos deities]]
[[Category:Cthulhu Mythos deities]]
[[Category:Great Old Ones]]
[[Category:Great Old Ones]]
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Cthylla (The Kraken, The Secret One) is an offspring of Cthulhu and Idh-yaa. She is the daughter of Cthulhu, and is critical to his plans, as should Cthulhu somehow die, Cthylla will give birth to him once again. As such, she is guarded by Deep Ones and Yuggya, in what can be assumed to be R'lyeh, as she was at first from the star Xoth, but came to Earth.

Also called “The Secret One” because the cult tries to hide all information about the goddess, most famously by defacing the Columns of Geph. Her legend is dimly recorded in Greek Myth as “Scylla”.

Cthylla was created by Brian Lumely.


  • Cthylla is a character in the fighting game Chaos Code, in the form of a young girl.
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