Tiny portraitExtended universe sigil Dagon and Jill is a short parody story written by American writer, animator and producer John P. McCann which is set in the fictional Cthulhu Mythos.

Synopsis Edit

Set in the modern day (as evidenced by the references to Harry Potter and email) the story is written in the form of letters between a publisher and his client, who has recently sold a trio of books to the Los Angeles Unified School System to promote cultural and religious diversity and acceptance.

As the correspondence progresses, it quickly becomes clear that Whateley (the client) is a deranged cultist intent on bringing about the return of the Great Old Ones by disguising occult texts as children’s books, while Gelb-Crispling (the publisher) is extremely naive and willing to interpret Whateley's volumes through a veil of political correctness.

The story concludes with the first sign of the end times predicted by Whateley - a six-hour long lightning storm - coming to pass.

Characters Edit

  • Ezra Whateley, a Dunwich occultist whose aims are to return the Great Old Ones to dominance on Earth.
  • Martin Gelb-Crispling, a Santa Monica publisher working for Whitman Press.
  • Hank Armitage, an FBI special agent determined to put a stop to Whateley's activities.
  • Shannon, Martin Gelb-Crispling's daughter and unwitting cultist.

Behind the Mythos Edit

Dagon and Jill was first published in Necrotic Tissue Magazine #13 in 2011, and received an eBook release in The Cthulhu Mythos Megapack by Wildside Press LLC in 2012.

Mythos References Edit

  • Ezra Whateley is a direct parody of Old Whateley from The Dunwich Horror, whilst his son's body dissolving into a puddle of black liquid after death references Wilbur Whateley.
  • The One That Dwells Below, mentioned by Whateley in two of his letters, is intended to represent the Dunwich Horror itself.
  • Hank Armitage is a parody of Professor Henry Armitage from The Dunwich Horror.
  • Whateley's books (Dagon and Jill, The Shadow Over Humpty Dumpty and A Children's Necronomicon (with pop-up section)) are clear nods to Mythos elements crossed with children's books (Dagon/Jack and Jill, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and the Necronomicon respectively. Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep are both mentioned as being in the texts.
  • References to the Deep Ones and their golden jewellery are made in two of the correspondences.
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