Extended universe sigil Danger Girl was established by Deuce who was convinced to come out of retirement to establish the world's first all-female espionage network. The organization consists of female agents whose skills, talents, and achievements are those of super spies like James Bond and adventures like Indiana Jones. The team would encounter Ash Williams and the Army of Darkness.

  • Abbey Chase = The team leader who is a heart-stopping femme fatale. Multilingual, a champion marksman, and a scholar when it comes to world history.
  • Sydney Savage = Is the one that most often uses her curves and good looks to distract and defeat their mostly male foes. She's sassy and vivacious, resorting to wild, unorthodox, and at times lawless methods.
  • Sonya Savage = Originally a double-agent infiltrating Danger Girl who transferred her loyalty to them. Sister to Sydney, she is in peak physical condition. Has no equal with a bow and arrow, using trick arrows.
  • Silicon Valerie = She's a teenager who graduated from Oxford, top of her class. Recruited as a Danger Girl-in-training, she supports the team in the background.
  • Deuce = He's the one who runs the organization, a former MI-6 spy.
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