Extended universe sigil The Dark Ones are a race or group of demonic-like Lovecraftian beings in the Army of Darkness / Evil Dead / Reanimator multiverses of Dynamite Entertainment / Space Goat Publications and the Ash vs Evil Dead cable program which are based on the Old Ones of the Cthulhu Mythos. They are the primary antagonists in the story, the power behind the Necronomicon and the Deadites.


The Dark Ones are a race of godlike beings who are the projection of the universe's dark minds. Who in the distant past roamed the Earth till they were banished to another dimension, where they are kept at bay. In one reality it was the first Chosen One who banished them to the Mirror Dimension, and in another they were betrayed by the necromancer Kaya who banished them to the Deadlands.

The Dark Ones are beings of vast size and power, with incomprehensible forms that would drive a human mad. In one reality they can shapeshift into humanoid entities that are taller than humans that are covered in hooded cloaks, and one of them (Ruby Knowby) could shapeshift into a human form.

Powers of the Dark OnesEdit

It's stated that the Dark Ones are beings possessing unfathomable power, and in the comics some of that great power is shown. In the mainstream (canon) reality, the Dark Ones appear to possess far less power than the versions shown in the comics. Either they are nowhere near as powerful or their manifestations on Earth possess only a fragment of their power.

Known MembersEdit


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