Extended universe sigil Deadites, first appeared in 1981 in The Evil Dead a supernatural horror film written by Sam Raimi.


Deadites are demonic spirits and zombies which are controlled by the Necronomicon that are able to possess both the dead and the living. Whom are from the Deadlands, a shadowy dimension that is a mirror image of the real world. Deadites "consume" the souls of their victims after which they take over their bodies. They are connected to each other via a hive mind. It's a species which is both sadistic and comedic, demons with a mood that is both angry and childish.

Deadites possess enhanced strength and endurance, inhuman dexterity, and are able to camouflage themselves as normal humans. While they can be killed, if their severed head is re-attached, it resurrects the Deadite. They can infest and/or possess humans via physical contact or injuries which they inflict.


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