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🐙 Demon Planets are eldritch living planets in the fictional universe of the Rifts pencil-and-paper roleplaying game by Palladium.


Demon Planets are eldritch behemoths, alien intelligences which consume entire solar systems. They usually avoid solar systems with civilizations wielding powerful magic or technology. Demon Planets have spherical forms with a giant mouth over 1,600 km in diameter which have colossal tentacles coming out of them that can stretch up to 1,600 km. From a distance they appear as a brownish small planet or large planetoid, but once one is near enough the organic like spines, bony-looking mountains, and pinkish craters become visible. It's theorized that they were born or created deep within the core of the Anvil galaxy within the Three Galaxies.

The entities have both a pulmonary and digestive system, numerous hearts, and a brain whose nodes are scattered throughout the planet. they radiate such an evil aura, that psychics risk going into a comatose state and if they open their mind to it they risk possession. Entities with 10,000s of nerve clusters, 100s of hearts pumping billions of gallons of liquid, hundreds of gravity glands. With its gravity field, it prevents the activation of faster-than-light drives within 160,000 km of it. The entities travel at FTL speed for up to 45 hours, before they have to feed on several worlds or a star to refuel. If they consume an entire solar system, they wander off for a while. Some have gone into hibernation for years or centuries. Demon Planets are able to fire cosmic energy blasts up to 800 km that can inflict damage equivalent to a 2.4 Megaton nuke. Up to a dozen 8 km long tentacles come out of those craters to seize and drag to the surface any ships that come to close. Fleshy orbs attached to miles long umbilical cords emerge out of pools of liquid, attacking the survivors. The surface and interior is defended by many thousands of eldritch creatures, the planet's immune system. Demon Planets are able to take extensive damage, some of them equivalent to 3.99 Gigaton nukes.