Extended universe sigil Deputy Dingby is a character who features in Fantasy Flight Games' Arkham Horror Files series of games and fiction. He was a member of the Arkham County Sheriff's Department.

Arkham Horror (EXP) Edit

A number of Encounter cards from Arkham Horror Second Edition feature interactions with the Deputy, in which he is usually portrayed as somewhat inept.

Feeders from Within (EXP) Edit

Dingby assisted Sheriff Engle in his interview with reformed cultist Diana Stanley after she attempted to break her ties to the Silver Twilight Lodge. His subsequent disappearing act hints that he may have been in league with the cult, or perhaps on their payroll.

Ire of the Void (EXP) Edit

When Professor Norman Withers informed Sheriff Engle of the abduction of his colleague Claus Schmidt by a Hound of Tindalos, Dingby investigated the scene, finding a torn-off fingernail.

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