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This subject contains information from the Expanded Cthulhu Mythos, and not based on H.P. Lovecraft's works directly. Dora McCain is a character created by American author Ron Shiflet for his short story "Seduced".


Dora is a beautiful young girl with long blonde hair who is apparently in her middle teens. She dresses in cheap, dirty clothes, is poorly educated (at least by the standards of the modern world), and lives in a rickety old country shack with her father and at least four siblings.


A typical backwoods hillbilly from a degenerate West Virginia family, Dora's mother died when she was aged twelve, and a few weeks later she made the acquaintance of Mother Shub, a crazy old woman who lived deep in the forest and was widely believed to possess magical powers. Over the years, Mother Shub taught her how to mix potions, make prophecies and even command the animals of the woods on occasion.

When she was around fifteen, Dora was raped by three boys, brothers from a neighbouring family. She went to Mother Shub for help, who gave Dora her own power before passing on. Gathering her strength, Dora assembled the ingredients for a dark elixir and cast the spell she had been taught. Answering her call, Shub-Niggurath sent its servants to slaughter the brothers for her.

Dora now seems to spend her time roaming the backwoods in search of men to seduce and sacrifice in the name of The Black Goat of the Woods.


This is a list of the stories in which Dora has appeared, arranged by her in-mythos timeline.