Extended universe sigil The Dragon of the Moon is an eldritch Lovecraftian-like entity from the fictional universe of Marvel by Marvel Comics. Which was created in 1984 by Peter B. Gillis and Don Perlin, making its first appearance in issue #138 of the 1st volume of the Defenders comic book series.


The Dragon of the Moon originated on Earth, the offspring of Set, an Old One. Who headed out into space to explore the cosmos and spread its evil beyond Earth. The being has claimed to be responsible for committing various evils but it's a great liar. It's greatest infamy among the heroes of Earth is for corrupting the hero Moondragon.

It has the power to reshape reality and can manipulate forces on a planetary scale. If a mortal is worthy, he will offer them his power, seducing them by appealing to their insecurity and/or greed. The more that the mortal embraced him, the greater his power within the material universe. The Dragon of the Moon manifested as an amorphous centipede-like presence, which grew later the greater his power grew.


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