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Elder Dragon 2 (ArenaNet)

The Elder Dragons are eldritch dragons and a cosmic horror element in the fictional world of Guild Wars an online role-playing fantasy game by ArenaNet.


On Tyria are mountain-sized primordial beings, the Elder Dragons. Who throughout it's history have wrought devastation across the world, whenever one of them awakened after which they would go back to sleep. These cycles are millennia-long and are tied to the amount of ambient magic on Tyria. It's unknown how old they are but some think the Elder Dragons are as old as Tyria itself. The Elder Dragons have been theorized to be an important part of the planet's workings.

Draconic Energy & their MinionsEdit

When awake they discharge energy which corrupts magic near the dragons. Energies which turn the living into their minions and warps the landscape. Like the Elder Dragons, the minions consume magic. Dragon champions are those created to serve as their lieutenants, extremely powerful minions who are able to tap into their master's inexhaustible power. The champions possess an independent intellect giving them the ability to bring about the Elder Dragon's will.

Known Elder DragonsEdit

  • Primordus = The Elder Dragon of Fire and Conflagration. It's minions are known as Destroyers.
  • Jormag = The Elder Dragon of Ice and Persuasion. It's minions are known as the Icebrood.
  • Zhaitan = The Elder Dragon of Death and Shadow. It's minions are known as the Risen.
  • Kralkatorrik = The Elder Dragon of Crystal and Fury. It's minions are known as the Branded.
  • Mordremoth = The Elder Dragon of Plant and Mind. It's minions are known as the Mordrem.
  • Deep Sea Dragon = Very little is known about this Elder Dragon.


Gallery of Elder DragonsEdit

Gallery of Examples of the Minions of the Elder DragonsEdit

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