Elder Worm 4 (Hero Games)

The Elder Worms are an eldritch extra-terrestrial race from the fictional universe in the Champions pencil-and-paper roleplaying game by Hero Games.


The Elder Worms are a malevolent race of slug-like bipedal creatures. Whom have slimy flexible humanoid worm-like bodies. In addition to absorbing nutrients through their skin or drinking it via a tentacle, they also feed on the lifeforces of sentient lifeforms. It's a race which communicates via telepathy and can borrow through rock as fast as they run on the surface. A minority among them possess superhuman powers, with some of them being as powerful as the super-beings of Earth.

It's a race which worships Qlipothic entities who in exchange for the sacrifice of sentient beings, grant them gifts of power. They are fanatically loyal to their sorcerer emperor and as a species are far more protective of their offspring than humans are. Most sentients find the Elder Worm's eldritch architecture, decor, and art horrifying and grotesque. The civilization of the Elder Worms is 800,000 years old, and were unified 750,000 years ago. After which they began an interstellar campaign of conquest. Whose purpose was to find sentient species to conquer and sacrifice to their Qlipothic gods. Sacrificing billions to them, including entire worlds. They had conquered half the galaxy by 500,000 BC.

Which is when they encountered another growing interstellar empire, that of the humanoid Malvans. Though they at first agreed to divide the galaxy, eventually they ended up waging war on one another. A conflict that spanned 300,000 years, killed trillions, and wiped out man civilizations. Neither was able to achieve decisive victory, as the superior technology and the superhumans of the Malvans was countered by the eldritch magic and superhumans of the Elder Worms. Rituals that wiped out fleets, spells that caused Malvans to turn on each other, and planetoid-size Qlipothic beings that were summoned. Elder Worm technology was psionic in nature and combined enchanted items with technology. Weapons were partially or completely mystical. Quasi-mystical engines were used for faster-than-light travel. Most sentient races found their eldritch starships horrifying and disgusting.

The tide turned in 267,584 BC which ended in the destruction of the Elder Worm homeworld, the fall of their empire, and the scattering of the remnants of their race. Though not before they had their final revenge on the Malvans, casting a spell which drained them of their vitality and turned them decadent and corrupt. Hidden across the cosmos are the remnants of the Elder Worms, divided and isolated communities, some of them with what remains of the Elder Worm interstellar fleets. Waiting for the prophesized emergence of a messiah-like figure who will reunite their race and restore them to glory.


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